Tuesday Talking

Last night it was pretty windy, I was dreaming I was flying in a bouncy plane in bad weather, until the Wife closed the door. Then I dreamed of a little girl who wanted to find this guy with a code box. We found the guy, and I was trying to write down the code, but I couldn’t write it. It was a weird  dream, in that this girl was about 1 year old and one foot tall, could barely  walk and was asking to find someone and something she should know nothing about. The code was 10 symbols, two rows of five, in an old wood box about 2 x 3 inches.

I’m just glad I slept.

This morning it rained from one  big ‘ol cloud, but now it seems pretty nice. All my weather apps say  rain so it’s going to be a car day.

Yesterday I  gathered all my photos from my  cameras, phone, tablet, memory sticks and put them where I keep them on my hard drive. I can’t help but feel like I’m locking them away, never to be seen again when I do that. I wish there was a different solution.

Have a good day!

0 responses to “Tuesday Talking

  1. I’m told you should have TWO hard drives, so if one dies, you have a 2nd back up!
    I reckon nothing is safe at the end of the day.
    You have weird dreams Dude.

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