Harder To Wake Up


It occurred to me this morning that it is getting harder and harder to wake up. Yesterday I skipped my exercises and slept an extra 45 minutes. Last night, went to sleep around 9:30, slept good, but still had to wrench myself out of bed with a crowbar. No problems once I’m up, it’s just the act of getting up that seems harder.
Why? Tell me why!


Have a gooood day!

0 responses to “Harder To Wake Up

  1. LOL so know the feeling. Here it is hot at night and as we don’t have aircon over here so nobody sleeps well. Getting up is not easy as everyone is tired. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • I’m having trouble on my phone w/lousy internet but if it keeps up. Might be worth getting your thyroid checked! & not sure if this comment already. “Took” but very funny Deech!

  2. Mate you go to bed early! I go around 11pm sometimes as late as 1 am depending on what I’m doing. As for getting outta bed, no one wants to do that!

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