TV Show: Orange Is The New Black


The Wife signed us up for Netflix, mostly she watches crap, but she found a show I really like, “Orange Is The New Black”. It’s about a woman in prison and her life there. There’s lots going on, both with the inmates, (some are crazy) and the guards. (Some are crazy)
If you get the chance, watch it. I give it 5 stars.


Today is back to work.

All the teams have played in the world cup, now everybody starts playing their second games!

I went to the beach for a little while yesterday. Saw this:



Have a good week!

Monday Picture Post

Today is the Queens Birthday Holiday. Happy Birthday!

Below are some  pictures from the weekend:


Wild Coconut Tree, not to be confused with a domestic coconut tree in the yard or at the hotel.


Last Nights Sunset


Argentina/Costa Rica fans


Panorama of Seven Mile Beach's sunset

Have a  good week!

Napoleon Dynamite the Cartoon


The wife and I have been watching Napoleon Dynamite, the cartoon. I think it’s great! Best cartoon since Beavis and Butthead.
I guess it wasn’t too successful, apparently there’s only one season, 6 episodes.

A word on the movie, Napoleon Dynamite, it was so bad that it went all the way around the scale to being good again. I can’t describe in any other way why that movie was so successful. I was surprised how much I liked it… Soooo dumb!

The cartoon version is just plain excellent. Makes me laugh every episode.

Definitely check it out.

Hump Day

Yesterday was a pretty nice day. It was sunny, mostly, even though there were lots of clouds. It didn’t rain all day, except once, when I went to the beach for lunch. I fled the beach, with everybody else, and it was not raining too hard, so I put on my raincoat and skipped the rain pants. I was soaked from the waist down when I got back to work, then it got sunny again.

I’m glad it’s Wednesday. Monday it seemed like this was going to be a long week. I want to go diving this weekend. With my rebreather. I haven’t dived it in a long time. Started overhauling it last night. Here’s a 2005 picture of my rebreather. It has newer electronics now.


Have a good humpday!