Yeay Costa Rica!


Costa Rica beat Greece! Yeah! Costa Rica WON! Cheating refs. Costa Rica won irregardless, with only 10 players! Before Costa Rica scored, everything was fine, after CR scored, the refs ignored every penalty by Greece, and penalized CR for nothing. The refs gave a yellow card to the goalie and to a guy sitting on the bench fer cruin’ out loud!

Greece’s coach got kicked out. It’s understandable, he was told he would win, and didn’t.

To steal a quote from Speed Racer, cheaters never win, and winners never cheat! PURA VIDA! VAMOS COSTA RICA!!!!! 

0 responses to “Yeay Costa Rica!

  1. I daresay! someone is missing a head there. Might that be the “headless” kid? Well, after all the financial fiasco in Greece, they gotta look good somehow, only they came out looking smelly in this game.

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