I Discovered Velcro


I discovered Velcro. I didn’t invent it, but I discovered it.

It was 1965 or 66, I lived in Rockville, Maryland. I had this rug in my room. It was the color of pencil eraser. It had a rectangular “stain” about one inch by three, from where I dropped a gluey rubber tank tread for a model – glue side down – on that rug.

I remember how certain types of fabric would stick to that rug. I remember pulling them off, with that velcro sound, over and over. I thought “this is pretty cool”. I never imagined it could be a valuable invention.

I lived in Rockville for kindergarten and first grade, 5 and 6 years old.

And that’s my post for today. It should be a Flashback Friday post, but today’s another Monday.

Last night I dreamed I got stuck in a shipwreck while I was scuba diving, but I woke up before I even had a chance to  try to get out. I dropped my camera under some stairs and was wriggling under the railing to try and reach it and got stuck. I also dreamed that some electronic equipment was off the air because something was mis-adjusted. I thought I did it but couldn’t remember doing it. Weird dreams… ice cream before bed theory?

Have a good week!

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