Caymanian Status

Yesterday I was granted Cayman Status after 17 years and 21 days on the island. This is my final immigration hurdle and I am now (on paper) the same citizen as someone who was born here.CAYMANI came here on vacation in July of 1996, on Feb 4th 1997 I started living here, with every intention of staying as long as they’d have me.

Hopefully now that will be as long as I live. There’s no place I want to go and no place I’d rather be than here.

I’m proud and honored and humbled.

0 responses to “Caymanian Status

  1. Congratulations! 17+ years? Could you have done it quicker? Do you now have dual citizenship or aren’t you one of us any more? Whatever…….we know you’re happy there!

  2. 17 years!!! That is a long time to wait to become a Citizen of where you live. I think people here only have to wait a couple of years. Congrats on becoming a Cayman-er. lol

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