Last night I had weird weird dreams kind of involving zombies. There was a road next to the beach, next to the road was a cliff going up. We (me and I don’t know who)  we’re traveling down this road. We stopped a little park, on the beach, and somebody got sick. Their skin started falling off and for all intents and purposes, they were a zombie.
This sickness was infectious pretty soon everybody in our party was a zombie except for me. The zombies were trying to infect me and I was running. When we came out of the restricted area created by the sea and the cliff, the zombies started infecting the people of the towns and cities around the area. I found a small group of people who seem to be un-infected and was with them. There was always a doubt that these seemingly uninfected “friends” were really uninfected OR friends and there was no trust.

When I woke up in the middle of the night after the dream, I didn’t think I’d remember it this morning, but I do. However I am aware that there’s a lot of parts I don’t remember. For example, the significance or the restriction created by the sea and the cliff. I remember having other weird dreams last night too, but I  can’t remember the details now.

I wonder if this dream relates to my work. Part of my job is to schedule the maintenance on the equipment. I was checking last years maintenance records and found a maintenance item that was not done because I didn’t schedule it. Today I am going to tell my boss I fucked up.

Also, my car is in the shop. Looks like it might be dead. Transmission. (again) This is what killed my last vehicle. So today I’m riding the scooter, rain or no. Waiting on a price quote to fix the car.

At least I’m half way through my first full week of work since 2013. Happy Hump Day!!!

Brutal Freezation

Here we are on a Monday morning. What a weekend it was, incessant north wind, constant cloud cover, Crisp cool temperatures to say the least. Downright freezing is more like it. Long sleeves, jackets, long pants, socks and shoes, two blankets on the bed. Windows closed. Lows in the 70’s highs in the 70’s.

Brutal freezation.

Now it’s back to work on a Monday, oh joy.

This morning is clear, mostly. Extended forecast said clouds and rain till next weekend,  but hopefully that will change. I don’t think I’ve been snorkeling at lunch since last year.  Here we are and January is almost over.

Dim January sunrise.


Pearl Post

It’s finally Friday, I’m feeding felines.

It’s dark and there’s no chickens around this early-usually. But Pearl just came squawking and flapping down from someplace. She hasn’t been around in a while. I think she moved up the street a little ways. She looked kind of beat up and dirty. I wish she’d let me pick her up but she won’t. I’d put her in her house and give her food and water.

It’s very windy outside and she’d be better off in her house. I wonder if she was blown out of her nighttime roost.

I hope she’ll be ok.

New Years Resolution Broken and

Last night I went to bed with a bad sore throat. I took some cold medicine that makes you sleep and slept with a double blanket. I slept really really good. I mean really good. I could have stayed in bed forever, it felt like. I got up to pee, at 3:33, and went back to sleep instantly. I was dreaming nice dreams I can’t remember when the alarm woke me up at 5.

i went out on the back porch to do my exercises and it was rainy and it looked like a windstorm had come by, the plastic chairs blown over and all… So I didn’t do my exercises this morning.

Resolution Broken. Exercise in the morning every workday.

The first words I uttered today were “yes I did” to my wife. I dug out the million shoes she had under the bed. I was planning on being snooty about it when she got up but she asked me in her sleepy voice, “Did you dig out my shoes?” I said the aforementioned “Yes I did,” plus an additional “I was just stacking them up so you don’t trip on them.” and she replied “Thank you, I couldn’t get them because of my foot”. Remember, she broke her foot last summer, and it’s still sometimes painful.

My wife is the best person I’ve ever met in my life, and she makes me a better person just from being around her.

I’m afraid I’m catching a cold, I don’t wanna catch a cold. It’s cold and rainy again. I don’t need it.

Last night we had sushi with some people from Costa Rica who are moving to the island in July. They were nice and the wasabi was good!

Tomorrow’s Friday! Have a good day!

Morning News

This morning my first words were “dammit Ditto, get the f*** out of the way”.  Someone said yesterday they wonder what the first words they say about were, but for me, it’s very noticeable. The breaking of the silence.

Right now I’m feeding cats, 3 this morning usually there’s 6. The dogs were being a major pain today as well.

Yesterday I took the scooter and then it got cloudy and rainy. I expected clear weather.  Today I’m taking the car.

We’re going to get the fence.  Six grand. It’s going to take the installers 4 or 5 days. Directly on the property line,  (a couple inches inside it). I want to make sure that they don’t clear any more trees and bush than necessary.

That’s it for today. I feel like I wrote a lot.

Happy New Year!

Back to work today after a short vacation. This is kind of the start of my new year at work today. I was there a few days, but now I’m ready to buckle down after the holiday and days off season. No more days off for awhile! Although I must say that the few days I have worked so far this year have been quite productive.

A couple fun facts:
I always try to notice what the first audible words I say each morning are. This morning it was “Morning Baby!” Sometimes it’s “dammit Sheba!” Then I say “ooops! Dammit, the first word out of my mouth was a cuss word”

Another fun fact is that I have noticed that the full moon in the winter follows almost the same path as the sun in summer. Actually I was thinking about it and figured it out and checked and it seems to be true. Very cool. I guess there’s a five degree difference…

And that’s all for today.  Have a good week!