Happy Birthday Crossword Puzzles!

crpArticle from HERE

The crossword puzzle will be 100 years old this coming Saturday! The first such puzzle was called a “word-cross,” it is published in the New York World on December 21, 1913. By the 1920s, solving crossword puzzles was so popular that publishers couldn’t print them fast enough. Suddenly, the average person’s vocabulary went up. And psychologists argued about whether the fad was beneficial or damaging.

A Columbia University psychologist, for example, said that crossword puzzles satisfied 45 fundamental desires of the human species; Chicago’s health commissioner endorsed crosswords as a means of calming the nerves. But there was debate: The chairman of Maryland’s Board of Mental Hygiene worried that the puzzles “might easily unbalance a nervous mind” and even lead to psychosis. The New York Times derided crosswords as “a primitive sort of mental exercise,” and the Times of London ran an editorial about the fad headlined, “An Enslaved America.”

I love doing crosswords, I used to do them every day. Here the newspaper doesn’t have real crossword puzzles. A crossword must be symmetrical, the ones in the paper here aren’t.

But you can get a good supply of crossword puzzles at Thinks.com, and you can do them online or print them.

Jumbled Tuesday

When I woke up,  Sheba was crying at the top of the stairs for her walk. So I walked the dogs and fed the cats before I took my shower. Now, I’m dressed and ready for work and they are acting like it’s time for their walk again.

Sheba in manipulative mode. Being a crybaby.

It’s Tuesday and I am tired. After some months of good sleep, I think I am entering a new insomniac stage. I really like the sleeping good stages much better.

After today, two more days till vacation. Put me on it!

Last night I made my infamous meat loaf, not sure it’s agreeing with me last night and this morning. Let’s just say that if there was a fart contest I would have won it.

I can tell that I’m boring you to tears, so I’ll say bye bye.

Getting Old

Last night we watched the movie “New In Town”. That’s a nice movie.

This morning, I walked the dogs and afterward Ditto couldn’t make it up the stairs. Usually, he waits for you to unclip the leash and then he blasts up the stairs, today was no different, except I heard a whimper and I ran and he was stuck about half way up.  I held him till he quit breathing hard and then helped him up when he was ready. Poor lil fella! I don’t want him to get old.

I’m getting older too. When we moved into this house, there was a big rock that I moved over to the property line. (With a wheelbarrow). I tried to move it again the other day, and couldn’t. I could move it, but not get it on the wheelbarrow. I got some help and two of us couldn’t move it. I figure three people are needed. But I put it there myself, with no help. Unless my memory is failing along with my strength…

Have a good week!

Ramblings, meaningless ramblings

Here it is Friday again. Last night we went to the Christmas party for my work. It was alright.

Dec 12, 2103 000Next week I work four days, and then I’m on vacation.
I’m wearing my new Costa Rica football jersey to work for dress down day. I hope it’s appropriate.
Weather here has been cool and threatening to rain all week. Yesterday started out cloudy but ended up sunny and today I’m taking the scooter for the first time this week. Hope it doesn’t rain today.
I guess that’s all I have for today.  Have a good weekend!

Dreams With My Father

Keep having dreams about my father. Last night I dreamed we were in the synagogue and he kept leaning over my shoulder to point out where we were in the text.
I tlod him to quit it and he wouldn’t. Finally I got up and left,  mad. He followed me outside. I said “I would be here whether you forced me or not, so leave me alone!

Then I wake up and think “My father is dead.” It’s the second dream like this I have had

World Cup Football

I’ve mentioned several times I would like to become interested in football. I’m not talking about American football, which shouldn’t be called football at all. But real football. Football you play with your feet.

udinese_calcioI believe I finally picked three teams to follow . My number one team is Udinese, from northern Italy. I picked them because I have a pen pal in Udine, Italy. You were, and shall remain, my first choice.

fedefut_logo_400-afuera2 team is Costa Rica. As you know, my wife is from Costa Rica. My wife knows much more about football than I ever hope to know.

DCUnitedWhat number 3 team is DC United.  I was born in Washington DC, so it serms fitting. DC United I was recommended to me by a friend from New Zealand. Really he’s from Tonga but lives in New Zealand.

Costa Rica has done very well this year. The Udinese team is over 100 years old, and has a rich history.. DC United, well, they don’t have much support in the USA, and will probably never amount to much, but what the hell, I was born there.

Back to work today after a 2 day vacation. Blah.

And that’s my post! Go Costa Rica! World Cup!