You’ve heard my Friday song:

Yeay! It’s Fri Hiiii Day!
The Weekend’s Here!
We’ll relax (hallelujah!  hallelujah!)
And take off our slacks  (hallelujah!  Hallelujah! )
And sit aroind the house in our rotten underwear!

Well, I didn’t write that song. It’s from a radio dj in the 90’s.

Soooooo I’ve been working on an original song. It’s not finished but it starts like this:

Friday song!
The week is gone!

Weekend’s here!
Shift ‘er out of gear.

And that’s all I have so far. But I’m working on it.

Have a good weekend! !!

Sugar Coated Shit. Bad News For Caymanians, Divers, Tourism.

indexLast night the wife and I went to the Ninth Annual Cayman Islands Tourism Association International Underwater Film Festival. At the end they announced with a happy happy video that it was the last Cayman Islands Underwater Film Festival. In 2015 it would be a different, new kind of film festival. Oh, but don’t worry, there will still be an underwater “section”.

In other words, CITA sold out on the International Underwater Film Festival, giving it to Camana Bay and Dart corporation. No doubt Dart Corporation intends to take the Underwater Film Festival and turn it into a “proppa” film festival.

The video advertisement/announcement showed movie stars and red carpets.

In 2015 I anticipate a black tie, trendy, snooty event that few can afford or desire to attend.

Bad for Caymanians, bad for divers, probably bad for tourism. Good for Dart corporation.

Sugar coated shit.

Very Disappointing.

Tuesday feels like monday

This is Tuesday morning but yesterday was a holiday so today feels like its Monday.
It was a good weekend Friday we went and saw the movie Thor. Saturday we went to a rugby match.

Nov 09, 2013 r001

Rugby match.Cayman vs Bonaire

Nov 09, 2013 r002

Alex Harvey, My wifes bosses bosses boss’s son.

 Sunday we spent the afternoon and had dinner at a friends house, very nice. Yesterday the wife had to work and I went to the beach, then in the evening we went to the Caribbean Bar-b-cue at Macabuca restaurant.

So all in all it was a nice weekend.

Killed by kitties (almost).

I’m glad it’s Friday. I was in a great mood until the cats f****** almost killed me. everyday they’re at my feet. It’s hard not to step on them because they’re under foot. This morning I almost went down. Seriously. Face plant into the concrete. Almost.


The cat food is in the buvket in the upper left of the picture.. I fill their bowls and step down the big step. the cats swarm in my landing pad for my foot goes.

I won’t let it dampen my Friday spirit though. Tonight it’s the start of Pirates Week!. I had made arrangements to bartend all weekend ’cause I could really really really use the money, but I think The Wife wants to go to the festivities with me. So that’s what we will do.
Don’t Care
Have a good weekend!!!!

Plastic bags


Plastic bags give me the creeps. I don’t use them for my lunch anymore, I used to but throwing them away bothers me. The may sit on a shelf for years, get used for hours, and then sit in the garbage for years.

Same with plastic silverware.

At home we use the same plastic bags over and over. We have one marked “cheese” you keep the cheese in. When the bag is empty, it goes back in the fridge until we get more cheese and we use it again.

Why did the grocery stores switch from paper bags to plastic bags? That was stupid.

ocean-plastic-toxic-absorbI used to try to use the same plastic bag over and over again for lunch at work, but they can’t handle the wear and tear of the daily commute.  Now I use a tupperware.

Plastic is excellent stuff but we have made it too disposable.

Non Post

It’s a rainy cool morning. There is a smell in the air that reminds me of a spring day in Missouri.
I can’t think of much to say this morning. Hence the title, Non Post.
I’m mad at the dogs, one in particular. He harasses me all the while I’m getting dressed, like a boss standing over a bad employee, then when we go outside, he got no business to take care of. I know, I know, my life is terrible, my problems are huge. I know I know.
Below are some pictures I took yesterday at lunch. I plan on snorkeling at lunch today, rain or shine, because I need to.
Camera 14MP-9PC Camera 14MP-9PC Camera 14MP-9PC

Another Monday Morning Weekend Report.

It was a good Weekend, Saturday I took the boat out, kind of for the first time. I had an expert sea captain friend with me to compensate for my newby lack of boating sense.

Below are pictures and a short video from a stop at the Doc Polson wreck.

Camera 14MP-9PC Camera 14MP-9PC[jwplayer mediaid=”11344″]

Sunday was rainy and cloudy. Didn’t do much, took a nap. Watched some American football. Redskins won, Philly won, Dallas won, NY had the week off. This week didn’t help anyone in the division.

Now it’s a Monday morning, it is so dark still… This morning I was stepping on a cat with every step, trying to feed them.

Major sweat coming up at work. Not sure if I should join in and act like I care or not.

Saturday multitask

Its Saturday morning and I’m feeding some cats.


Warding off some chickens.


Feeding other chickens


And I have a new trailer hitch on the car.


And I have a boat on a trailer.


Today I’m going to connect the trailer to the trailer hitch and take the boat boating for the first time since about the first week I got the boat.

That’s the plan. Now I gotta go get ready. Have a good weekend! !!