Monday morning walk and talk

It’s a Monday morning. I’m walking the dogs down the street. I’m talking into my phone and the phone is automatically typing this. Its Monday morning 10 minutes until 6. the Sun is barely coming up. alright! This is another beginning of another week. The weekend was good, it was sunny all weekend but we didn’t do much just stayed at home.

Picture of the neighbors banana plants in the dim morning light .

It should be a busy week at work, hopefully the time will go by quickly and we can get to the weekend asap.

Also good news, Washington Redskins won, Dallas lost, Philadelphia lost, New York lost. Even though Washington sucks this year, everyone in the division lost and Washington won so they moved up in the division. Dirty but hoo ray.

That’ll do it work today. I hope you have a good week!

0 responses to “Monday morning walk and talk

  1. Nice morning walk. It’s sad that you live for the weekends, don’t you like your new job? Do you have Daylight Saving there? We just turned out clocks forward an hour.

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