Good Monday Morning To You!

Back to work today. What a weekend. Saturday flew by. Saturday I looked at my watch and it was 11:30, five minutes later, it was 2:30, and five minutes after that it was 5:15! Today they should be delivering the boat we won, Holy  Cow, it’ll be real then!

Sunday we went snorkeling, and The Wife tested out her new Underwater Camera, a Nikon  AW 100. Blue.


She got some good shots even though visibility was crappy.

Yesterday I let the chickens out around noon, and when we got home from the beach they were nowhere to be found. We were afraid we lost them but at sunset, all four came home and didn’t even try to get away when I picked them up and put them in their cage. It was very  pleasing.

There has been another lost chick around all weekend, this morning I put her in the cage with ours, She is barely bigger than an egg. The Wife won’t be pleased.

It rained hard this morning but  now it’s all clear… Scooter or car? Scooter or car?


0 responses to “Good Monday Morning To You!

  1. Sounds like you got chickens. The real kind; you know, the ones that range free. I don’t believe your wife will be unhappy about such a cute tiny chick. You won a boat? For real?? Big or small?

  2. Oh, and I almost forgot. I like your wife’s blue camera. Wouldn’t have been able to tell it was blue if you didn’t say so : )

  3. OOO I like the underwater camera very much.
    I’m looking at getting a new camera, a Canon.
    Very excited at that prospect.

    Adding to your chooks eh? Do you get eggs from them?

  4. We have the Canon version of the underwater camera and really like it. 🙂 Daughter uses it the most when the snorkels.

    I look forward to seeing pictures of you and wifey IN that boat! 🙂

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