A Tuesday Monday-Friday Chickens Beach

Today is Tuesday, but it is also the first day of the work week.. Tomorrow is a holiday because it’s election day.

Yesterday morning I shoveled a dead chicken that was in the road. Yesterday evening, while feeding the cats, I noticed a peeping sound like baby chickens. I found five baby chicks, barely bigger than an egg, huddled in the yard. After watching for awhile, to make sure there was no mommy chicken around, The wife and I collected them and put them in a box.

IMG_20130520_193024They ate quite a bit, and drank water and then went to sleep.

Yesterday we also went snorkeling at a place called Pageant Beach. There is a shipwreck there..It was good sun and snorkeling.

May 20, 2013 003

The wreck of the Gamma, on Pageant Beach

Also, here’s a quite long video swimming around the wreck. See the propeller?

[jwplayer mediaid=”9951″]

I’m running late, gotta go!

Friday Finally


Flower that bloomed last night.

Friday! Glad! I’m posting this from my phone because my computer is converting files from mkv to AVI. Of all the computers in our house, only one plays mkv video files with the audio in sync. Yesterday afternoon we went to Stingray City and I have lots of video and pics, on my computer, which as I said, is indisposed. So I’ll post videos later. It was hard to get up this morning. I was sleeping good when the alarm went off. I did wake up at 2:30ish and stay up a while though. Nothing in store for today, except dinner tonight. And it might rail. Looking cloudy. Have a good weekend. Check back tomorrow for some videos

Here We Are

Here we are, Thursday. Yesterday was great! Took off half day, went diving, smoked two cigars. My first two cigars since I dunno when. March 10th I think was the last time I smoked. It was good, the diving and the cigars, and the half day. Diving pics/videos to follow

Also last night we had a cookout with a bunch of friends and my sister and Bro in law. I like him more and more.

I’m taking another half day off today. Stingray City this afternoon. Hope it’s not windy.

Stingray CityTomorrow will be Photo Friday! Or videos.