The Bus Is For Them Rich People

Last week I took my scooter in for it’s 3000 kilometer (3 megameter) maintenance. When I got it back it would cut out and bog down, and to accelerate, I had to open the throttle all the way. Yesterday I took it back. I figured that the spark plug wire was loose or something. They promised me I could have it back by lunch. At 3:30 yesterday afternoon they hadn’t started on it yet. and when I got there after work, they were working on the carburetor. I had to walk half way across the island to catch the bus. Now I have to take the bus this morning, and walk half way across the island from the bus stop to work.

They better not fuck up my bike.

There’s one guy that works there, when he’s there, everything always goes smoothly. When he’s not, it’s all shit.

Yeah, he’s on vacation.

I was listening to the BBC this morning about France legalizing gay marriage. The gays kept saying they were all happy they could have kids now. I didn’t think it worked that way. I learned it took opposite sexes to reproduce. I thought the gays wanted to get married so that they could cover each other on insurance, file joint taxes and in legal matters.

Anyway, I gotta go, because I have to catch the bus. I can’t afford the bus. It costs $2 each way. $2 one way and $2 back. $4 a day! That’s a weeks worth of gas for me. The bus is for them rich people.


0 responses to “The Bus Is For Them Rich People

  1. LOL the bus is for dem poor folk over here. No only joking we get all types on ours. Hope your scooter gets sorted and as for the French we love to hate them and visa versa but we don’t really. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Same here with the mechanics we have. There is one good one where I take my car…if he is not there, I need to cross my fingers.

    $4 a day…that is expensive…

  3. Dies that bus has a Benz emblem on the front? I’m fortunate to have a bus stop almost at my front door but did you know they don’t take money on the buses here in Louisville? Seriously! You have to go downtown to buy tokens and you ride the bus with tokens. WTH? If I can drive downtown to buy tokens I don’t need the bus! Only in Kentucky!

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