Monday Monday

There’s a song from the 60’s or 70’s, a guy sings

“Monday Monday” Then the background vocals go “bla blaaaa.. Blaa bla bla blaaaa”


I just went and looked it up. Monday Monday, the Mammas and Pappas, 1966

[jwplayer mediaid=”9622″]

But just listen to the.”bla blaaaa.. Blaa bla bla blaaaa” parts, and where he says Monday Monday.. That’s how I feel this morning. bla blaaaa.. Blaa bla bla blaaaa

Have a good week.

0 responses to “Monday Monday

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  2. when my post appeared on facebook, someone posted every song about Monday..the one by the boom town rats was the best and the reason for it was very interesting..
    and Monday Monday by the Moms and Pops, never struck me as a bad monday song..Monday Monday so good to me…

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