100% correct!

 NFL Odds Super Bowl XLVII - 2013 Super BowlNFL Odds AFC  NFC For the first time all year, I got all my picks right! All two of them! In two weeks is the Super Bowl.

I have watched NFL football more this season than any other, ever.

This was a good weekend, uneventful, not much to remember, nothing to report. Looking forward to this workweek, I feel like I’m finally getting my feet on the ground at the new job.

Flashback Friday: Missy the Dog

Yesterday I mentioned cats in heat, today I’m going to mention dogs in heat.

When I was younger I delivered newspapers. I think I delivered papers about 6 years total. I started helping my friends big brother deliver the route their house was on, then I got my own route. First I had two routes downtown, then I got the route that my house was on.

My neighbors four doors down, the Boots’es, (I remember Randy Boots, older than us by probably 10 years and he had a sister, if you said her name I’d remember, she was a few years older than us. I had a crush on her, she was cute.)

(We used to put my friend Gregs little brother, Danny, through the Boots’es doggie door in their garage and he’d let us in, and we’d play pool on the pool table in their garage. And we used to climb up on their roof when they weren’t home. One time Mr Boots came home when we were on the roof, and we ran up over the top, down the back, and straight off the edge without even slowing down. We were out of the yard before he got around back and looked up on the roof. He asked us how we got down? Jumped? and we said yes. He just shook his head and walked in his house.)

The Boots’es had a dog named Missy, who hung out at my friend Gregs house. Missy was a pure outdoor mutt. Tangled fur, grey, old. If you howled like a wolf. Missy would howl like a wolf. If you said “sickem” she would bark at whoever you were looking at. She had gnarley teeth, was stinky and ugly.This picture is sorta close, but Missy had longer cheekhair…

MissySoooo, Missy would come on my paper route with me every day. I’d deliver the few papers behind my house, then pick up my Paper Bag (not paper bag) and head down the street to the neighborhood. And every day, two doors down, Missy would come angling out from the Gunn-ses and walk beside me, just me and Missy.

Except when she was in heat, then I had about a million dogs walking with me on my route.

crabby and bitchy about my wonderful life

crabby and bitchy about my wonderful lifeIt’s Thursday, almost made it to the weekend. I feel eager for weekends to arrive, but I wonder why. My weekdays aren’t too bad. Someone once said “don’t wish your life away” Nonetheless, I like Saturdays and Sundays because the alarm doesn’t go off, not that I sleep too late.

The things that I find most annoying about my morning routine:

Shaving, Damn, I just did this yesterday.

I don’t dislike walking the dogs, but they seem to purposely waste my time. For example, they’ll run to the same grassy spot every day, both bury their noses in and stay there till I drag them away. Then Sheba will stand and stare up the road while Ditto takes care of business. Then, when it’s time to come back in, Sheba’s like “Wait! Wait!, I didn’t go yet!” Then she wants to go back over where that sweet smelling grass was. All I want to do is get back upstairs and start my first cuppa coffee.

Last night was not a good night for sleeping. There were cats in heat, yowling like ghosts. They started after we went to bed, I was asleep, incorporating them in my dream. The Wife sprayed water at them from the porch with the hose. Then they started up again before dawn, and I tried to shoot at them with my slingshot, but they were gone by the time I got out there. (I think there’s two cats in heat) Then Ditto started chewing bubble gum. Know what that means? When a dawg licks himself loud and it sounds like someone chewing bubble gum with their mouth open. I threw my shoe at him.

So here I am , crabby and bitchy about my wonderful life.And I didn’t even mention the bank, screwing up my checkbook and consuming TWO of my valuable beach lunch hours. Didn’t even mention it.


titleist_pro_v1_2No, it’s Title-LESS, as in no name.

I can’t think of anything to post today. I have nothing prepared. Ha ha, that’s a joke, I never prepare anything.

Today at work we start a three day training course on the NDB, non-directional beacon. This is one of those classes where all the students are already experts on the subject. except for me.

I think I’m not in a very good mood today.

Wild wet windy weedy weekend

Wello. Another Monday is upon us. Here was a not-too-bad weekend. Saturday The Wife and I went shopping, and got some Bougainvillaea bushes and a new pan for cooking.


It’s a “Stir Fry” don’t call it a wok

I can’t remember what else we got. We stopped by the cigar store and I smoked one there. I meant to get a box to go, but somehow it slipped my mind. I looked at a box, good price, but only 12 cigars in a box. I like boxes with 25. We also looked at a new washer and dryer. (Uh on, the Wifes Brain wheels are spinnin’ like crazy, I can tell)… She got the whole thing planned out.

Then we came home, and I watched a little football. (I don’t give a rats ass after the Redskins coach murdered his team) The results and my hopes for next week are below.

NFL Odds Divisional Playoff Games - NFL Football Odds NFL Odds AFC  NFC

I guess I gotta go for Baltimore. I hate all the other teams. I had a hard time picking San Francisco over Atlanta because I dislike them both immensely. SanFran because I thought Joe Montana was a weenie. Atlanta, because I’ve always disliked them. But I picked San Fran because of number 7 on their team. Don’t know his name. He was running and making some good plays. The winner of these two games plays the Super Bowl. Whoopie.

Sometime I have to tell you my NFL team philosophy, It’s quite insane.

Sunday I planted the bougainvillaeas in our solid bedrock yard. I tried using my one inch masonry drill to loosen up the ground and got it stuck solid in the ground. Then I had to use a pickaxe to get it free. Damn bougainvillaeas better grow.

And it rained Sunday, and we had a big power failure and I put houseplants outside and it immediately quit raining before they could get wet. AGAIN, like always.

That’s it for today, this dang post is too dang long!

Flashback Friday: First Adult Running

When I was very young, we lived in Rockville Maryland, USA. I was probably 5 years old, and there was a younger guy down the street, probably 3 or 4. Much smaller than me.

I had a little red wagon like this:


I asked my neighbor friend if he’d like to go for a ride down the hill in the wagon. He said he wasn’t allowed in the street. I said something like “AHhhhhHHh! That’s a loada hooie”

Next thing ya know, we’re blasting down the hill in the wagon, really fast, and I heard a I noise. I turned my head and it was his Mom, running down the sidewalk, yelling. My first thought was: “That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a grown up running”. My second thought was: : “Grownups look funny when they run”.

My friends Mom was very angry. She contacted my Mom, had a discussion, and my Mom sent me home. I knew I was in big trouble when my Mom got home from my friends house, but I figured my Mom would cool off pretty fast if she came home and I was dead. So, I laid on the stairs, with my face in the corner of the steps and was playing dead when she got home. She whacked me on my butt and I jumped a mile high, I certainly didn’t expect that! I was hoping for some sympathy (being dead and all) and a way out of trouble.

I don’t remember what my punishment was, but I still remember turning my head on that wagon, and seeing my friends Mom running after us.

For the record, I don’t think we were in any danger, riding the wagon down that hill, mostly the trouble was just breaking my friends Moms rule….

I would love it if someone reads this and says, “Hey! That was me!” We talk, and I find out it really was them. I’d like to apologize to his Mom for freaking her out.

And tell her she looked really funny running down that hill!