Friday Payday


Above is a pic I found on the web. Nothing to do with nothing, just a picture. I’m not saying anything.
As I type this I am attempting to import all my blog posts to my new site It seems like it’s not working but I’m not worried, I’m still floundering about.
My old job at the radio station is being advertised again. Two announcers and one newsperson has asked me to re-apply…. Here’s another interesting link for you job seekers.
Today is Friday, my first PAYDAY!!!!!! Have a good weekend!

0 responses to “Friday Payday

  1. I don’t know-the radio station didn’t show much love or loyalty to him before. The replacement didn’t last long for whatever reason. It’s too bad you haven’t been at new job long enough to see your future there…….good luck.

  2. Hell no I don’t want the old job back. Not unless they changed the job title and doubled the salary. According to MSN, I was making a little more than half the minimum I should have been making for that job.

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