cant miss it


Last night I dreamed I was driving a car. I was looking for a turn. You cant miss it. I was told. I drove and drove. “I think we missed it!” I said. You cant miss it, I was assured.
Turns out we passed it before anyone told us we couldn’t miss it. It was the first turn you couldn’t miss.
It was a long way back.

Then I had a dream I was taking these excellent pictures. Like you couldn’t look away excellent. Neither dream was bad. The first was funny and the second was, well, excellent!


I started plastering the sides of the driveway with mortar. I will continue today.
Also I have some interesting business opportunities coming up….
Fingers Crossed!

0 responses to “cant miss it

  1. Holy Cow!! that is a huge drop off – off the drive way….maybe put up a board to help you stop in time…I’d go off it knowing me!! That is the thickest driveway I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s thicker that the interstate roads!!! It should be there well after the house. Pretty road. Wonder where it is? …debbie

    • That’s not even the thickest part. The thickest part is 16 inches, just to keep the top level. Average thickness is 9 inches, but about 6 inches of concrete.

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