Stinky Flower


Our tall cactus that  I got from Cayman Brac is making flowers. For some reason, a lot of our cacti are flowering this year.


On the downside, These flowers stink. BAD. Like a combination of rotten cabbage and puke.
But they’re so purdy…

Today will be busy. I have to go check a transmitter problem, possibly an audio processing problem, and get wire and lumber for the driveway job.
And the car needs a new battery.

Seems like Monday…

3 Gig Limit and a new driveway

I just noticed this as I was getting ready to upload an image. I have a 3 gig limit on my blog size. I am using 14%. I guess that’s not bad after over 7 years of blogging. So lets say 15 years is 30%, then I should be running out of space in about 50 years. Oh dammit! One more thing to worry about.

I need to extend our driveway by 26 and a half feet. It’s 11 feet wide and 10 inches thick. I’m going to do the wood and the rebar myself and then call a concrete truck. I have some questions:

How close to the edge of the concrete does the rebar have to be?

What about grass and weeds on the dirt where I pour the concrete?I assume the concrete will kill any vegetation, but will it be detrimental to the concrete?

Someone said 10 inches thick is a lot of concrete, and I could fill it in a few inches so I’m only pouring about 4 inches instead or 10. If I do that, what will happen when I take the wood away? Will my fill be able to come out from under the concrete?

More questions and pictures to follow.

Today is a holiday here. There is an election. I can’t wait till I can vote.

Photo post from Florida

Got back from Florida late last night. Had fun taking pictures of Travlin’ Tim.

Still have a lot to learn about WordPress. There are at least three ways to post a post, and I have to learn the differences. Spent a lot of time trying to find how to do a photo album, which is what is above, now I ‘d like to put captions under the photos….. There’s a lot to learn!

Have a good day!

Great Birthday Yesterday

Yesterday was one of my best birthdays ever. My Wife got me a garden gnome, a very cool one. His name is Travlin’ Tim. He is a relative of the one I posted a picture of a few days ago. A taller and thinner brother, I think.IMG_20120711_154721


WordPress is giving me a hard time today, I’ve been losing posts, it’s taking forever to upload, I just want to post this and get out of here! But on a positive note, when I have problems, I learn more! I found the good way to post a post that I was looking for earlier!