Good Morning Monday!

Another Monday here and there. Hopefully I will finish the driveway this week. All I have to do is put the mesh down (a big job because of cutting it) and call the concrete truck.
I’ve been slack on the photos lately. WordPress makes it easy to upload photos, I just haven’t been taking any good ones.
I DO have pics of all the phases of my driveway project that I am sure you will find fascinating. But I am saving them for when the job is done.
Have a good Monday and a good week.

0 responses to “Good Morning Monday!

  1. That’s a big job. Looking forward the the pics. I just raised my deck which was starting to sag by redoing the supports for the posts which were rotting in the previous supports (done incorrectly when house was built 40+ years ago).

  2. Interesting new name for your old blog. I just noticed that. Oh well, I got so used to the old name, didn’t think to look for a new one. Hope you have a great week! Can’t wait to see the driveway!

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