Boring Assed Flower Pictures

Last week, one of our cactus’s grew a flower. It took about two days for this giant stalk to grow our of the cactus, then in one night, the flower opened, and the next morning was wilted and dead. You could look at the flower, and then look again 15 minutes later and see a difference in growth. It was way cool.

This afternoon The Wife and I are taking off for a little third anniversary honeymoon vacation. Two days at an undisclosed location. However, I will be checking this blog, and if you DON’T leave a comment, I’ll know about it!

0 responses to “Boring Assed Flower Pictures

  1. Have a wonderful celebration! And the last photo was not boring assed…too bad you couldn't do a time lapse, cactus flowers rock for their showiness and poof they are there, poof they are goneness.

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