Mini Series Dreams

For the last three nights I’ve had three short seeming dreams in the morning before I wake up.

Three nights ago, I dreamed I was having a phone conversation with a friend of mine Ben, from Virginia, who I haven’t heard from since I moved down here. It was just a phone conversation, but when I woke up, I felt like I really talked to him the night before. In the dream he said he and his wife split up.

Night before last I dreamed a friend of mine, (Orville) and I were in prison. I had a piece of concrete that was cylindrical, like a Red Bull can. Orville wanted to steal it. I didn’t want him to. I’m not even sure he was in the dream, I just knew he was there and wanted to steal my piece of concrete.. Yesterday I called him and told him about the dream.

When I was in the Navy, my first ship got decommissioned. Part of the work was inventorying all our hand tools and stuff. After we invetoried everything several times, we took the tools, and put them on the pier. People from other ships could take tools, but none of us from our ship could. Last night I dreamed I was in line to get whatever I wanted from that row-pile of tools on the pier. I was near the end of the line, so all the good stuff was gone, but I got a soldering iron, a spare heating element for a different soldering iron, and I found several of my hats, with my name on them. Also I recognized some of my friends hats. But the hats were there because I threw them away, and I didn’t take them.

How’s that for weirdness?

Not Quite As Nice As I Thought.

Yesterday didn’t quite turn out to be the nice day I thought I was going to have. I wanted to finish that course, I was whipping through the modules, passing the test at the end of each. I did the last module, and test, and thought I was done. I clicked the “next” button, and got the following message:

Dammit! I should have stopped, gone to the beach, had the day I had planned, studied a while, and taken the test later, but I didn’t. I took it right then and there. There was a two hour limit. I figured if there was a two hour limit, surely I could do it in an hour. It was a tough test, I flunked it and I used the whole two hours. When I got done, the day was gone, and now I gotta take the test again. Later, next week.

I woke up this morning, looked at the clock, and it was 5:55. I got up, and a few minutes after that it started POURING! I got soaked bringing in the stuff that can’t get wet and taking out the plants. We had a nice rain.
Long time ago, I had driven to Florida, and was taking a scuba class, I had the alarm set for 5:55. Ever since then, I have kinda liked 5:55. I think I’ll set my alarm for 5:55 and start getting up at 5:55 every day. Another moment I like is just after noon, I have to flip my watch from the date to the seconds to see 12:34:56. If I’m awake after midnight, and I think of it. I might look for 12:34:56 then too! I love it!
I gotta go, there’s these guys in white suits with big butterfly nets knocking at the front door, their shirts say “Funny Farm Insane Asylum” on the back. They want me to try on a jacket with long long sleeves……

Have a good Friday and a Great WEEKEND!!!

Thursday Picture Post

I am hopefully not working today, it the client calls, I will go, but I expect that won’t happen. Today I need to pay my bills, (online) finish an online course I’ve been taking on Voice Telephone Networks and Studio Interface Systems I could do a little yardwork, and maybe go to the beach. But you know how that goes. My eyes are bigger than my plate. I’ll be lucky to get the course done.
Yesterday I stopped at the beach on the way home from work. Took a few pics. Here they are. Yup.

Seven Mile Beach
A curleytail gecko
More kayaks, I tried to one-up myself from the last kayak pic.

Title-less Tuesday

When I first typed the title for todays post, it came out Titless, we can’t have anyone having a Titless Tuesday.. Tits for everybody!
I mowed the yard yesterday….. If you can remember back far enough to the last time I mentioned mowing the yard… Well, I didn’t mow it then. That was what? A month ago. Well, I finally got ‘er done. Yup.
Blogwise, I got nothing today for ya folks. Just a aching brain and a bloodstream needing coffee. AND a couple pictures, one from this morning and one from yesterday. And a sore throat, I think I’m getting “THE COLD” that’s “GOING AROUND”.
Hard to hide when you’re a white cat.


Weekend Above and Under Water Pics

It was a good weekend! Yesterday we went to the beach, and went snorkeling. Usually one of us stays on the beach to guard our stuff, but yesterday we left everything in the car and went snorkeling together.
Elusive Specklefish, all my life, I’ve been trying to get a decent shot of one. This isn’t bad. But it ain’t THE SHOT
Needlefish School, You’ve seen these before…

Queen Angel

The Wife and Me. (We aren’t underwater here, this is the “above water” mentioned in the title.)

Self Pic with the Wife

Most Excellent Headphone Pads!!!!!

My headphones had these rotten old sponge pads on the earpieces. I asked my wife to make me some new ones. She whipped a couple out in about a half an hour and they are the best!!! So fast she was breaking knitting needles! (It’s not knitting, I know..) Now I have the coolest headphones with the best earpads on the PLANET!!!