I wasn’t going to say anything

I’ve been having such a hard time with this satellite dish. I quit talking about it, I was going crazy. I couldn’t get the signal to lock on. Then I found out that there is no signal. We are not in the footprint of the signal from the satellite.
The little red tick in the pic above shows where the satellite is, as it orbits over the equator, the earth turns, and makes the satellite always stay above the same spot on Earths surface. The pictures above and below show the areas where the satellite transmits it’s signal. It is called the ‘footprint’. As you can see in the pic below, Cayman is not in the footprint.
I’ve been kicking myself in the ass. Calling myself incompetent. Losing sleep. Growing zits. Thinking God is punishing me. Worrying about the customer wanting money back. Putting myself through hell.

Monday has it bad

Mondays have it bad, Mondays have a bad reputation as being a day filled with apprehension and dread of the upcoming week. I’m feeling that way now, I just want this week behind me and next weekend to start. In the book, The Caine Mutiny, Caines father tells his son: “Wasted hours ruin a life, whether at the beginning or the end, but they’re more noticeable at the end.” That is very true. And it bugs me when I wish a week of my life away. But still, I sure am looking forward to the weekend!

New Word Verification

Sometime last week (or this one) Blogger changed their word verification program. I remember when they started the old one, back in 2005, you can see my old post about it HERE. When IT came out, it was bad, but Blogger eventually sorted it out so it was usable..

Now this new one is worse than anything. As a rule, I can never read the word in the “‘blob”. Below are some examples, taken from my comments on your blogs!

Is 1890 a word? Are either a word?

What’s that first letter? A small B off in the white? Is that three “f’s”? Sorry I “asked”

This one, you can see I got wrong, but Blogger accepted it anyway!

This one has a comma at the end, do I put that in? And WTF is over that ‘e’ in the second word? Is that called a freekin Tilda?? Don’t I need a Spanish keyboard for a tilda??!!

How can I prove I’m not a robot by typing words that aren’t words and using keys that I don’t have on my keyboard? C’mon Blogger.

Freakin Week Is Almost Over

Some blogger mentioned hump day yesterday, I had no idea. I thought every day this week was like… Monday. Now it’s Thursday. The week flew by. Still no luck with the satellite dish. I found that the receiver manufacturer has the wrong information in the installation sheet, like the frequency. They have a frequency listed that does not exist on any satellite. THAT would make it hard to find a signal, soooo I’m off early to try it again…..
Third Time’s the Charm? Don’t bet on it!

Today WILL Be Better

I hope.
I had problems yesterday and hopefully got them sorted. Today I’m starting where I wanted to start yesterday.
Also the last of the equipment arrived yesterday so this new radio station will be ready to go on the air soon.

Not much time to post today, gotta run.

Big Day

Remember that satellite dish from before vacation? Well, it’s on the pole, cables run, receiver received, and today is the day to point at the satellite. This dish is so huge I need a helper. This will be the first CayTronics employee! It is sometimes inexplicably difficult to find the satellite, and I hope this is not the case today.
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