Super Blow

I watched both games yesterday. I don’t think the two best teams are going to the Super Bowl. I don’t think NY Giants line gives their quarterback vary good protection. San Francisco didn’t impress me, but could have won if it weren’t for their own mistakes. I wouldn’t want to be that Baltimore kicker who missed that easy one to put the game in overtime.

0 responses to “Super Blow

  1. I am torn as to who to root for…the Giants are close to where I was born in Connecticut….but I love the Patriots, they remind me of Patriotism and the good ole' USA. Will have to give this some thought. Maybe it will come to: May the best man win. …debbie

  2. Hi MarkThanks for stopping by today. I can imagine the cats you feed are getting really settled and used to you interacting with them. The sad fact of the cats being so tame here is that most are young cats that have once been handled by humans as tiny cute kittens and then ruthlessly been discarded (it's beyond infuriating). On another note I'm really pleased you're finally getting some sleep – and I hope your knee is healing well. It looked truly nasty!

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