Is it Friday? It’s FRIDAY!

Remember I told you about that job I got that I really wanted? Well, I wasn’t even there a week and something happened that turned the milk sour. And I hated it since then. So yesterday I quit. I guess the owners thought my bullshit tolerance was higher than it was. I rekkon I was there like 5 weeks.
I always question and doubt myself. In almost any situation, I have all these conflicting thoughts in my head. This time it was like: “Should I quit? Maybe I’m the one fucked up, not them. Am I sure I have an accurate grasp on the reality of the situation?”

All I know is that after I quit, I felt soooo good all day.

I got up at the regular time this morning, and the moon was as tiny a crescent as it could be. I guess you’re getting tired of the moon shots, but I can’t help it. Below is the pre sunrise from the roof and the second is a zoom in of the same moon as the first shot. Click to view full size, as everyone knows I’m sure.

Ghastly Horrific

I got up this morning, showered, dressed and was walking the dogs when I realized “I FORGOT TO MAKE THE COFFEE!” O horror of horrors! I made coffee after the dogs and I got back and I’m drinking some now. Whew! That was close! I coulda been killed!While I’m on the topic of coffee, I guess I’ll let you know that I’m pretty settled in on Cafe Bustelo. I did an image search for Cafe Bustelo, and this is what I found. Bikini Girl Bonus! Cafe Bustelo is good coffee and affordable. Plus what I like is that it is consistent. I use one level teaspoon per cup in the coffee maker and I get the same good strongish cuppa coffee every time. I still love the good cup of Costa Rican when I can get it, but Cafe Bustelo is the best all around coffee I have found.

Good News and Bad News

Which do you want first?
The bad news is today is the first day of winter, and now is the start of the coldest season of the year. (Only if you live in the Northern Hemisphere of this particular planet)
The good news is that the days start getting longer now, and the sun will go down a little later every day from now on, for quite a long time! (Only if you live in the Northern Hemisphere of this particular planet)

You may notice that every year about this date, I post a similar post, (Only if you live in the Northern Hemisphere of this particular planet).

Tuesday Morning

Here is a picture I took from Sunset House. It is looking north. To the left is West Bay, and along the center is Seven Mile Beach. The buildings on the right are George Town. The little light you see is the landing lights of an airplane coming in.

Again I can’t sleep.

We got our internet fixed. I got a new modem. I thought it was the modem, until they told me that it was good. Turned out to the modem anyway. I hate dealing with our phone company. It is always a long and frustrating process.

Internet Woes

Last week our internet was intermittent. I called to get it fixed. They came and had a look and “made some adjustments” Now it doesn’t work at all.
I suspected a bad modem, and took it in Saturday, and was told it was OK…

I’m posting this from a restaurant, getting dinner to go.

Seriously Overdecorated House

Our internet is down, I think our modem is bad, but the internet provider says our it’s good. (I took it in today to have it checked). So, they’re working on it…. Our internet has been coming and going for days, now it’s gone. That’s why I haven’t been commenting on your blogs as much as usual. I’m sitting at a hotel, drinking 7-Ups, using their internet.

Tonight The Wife has an All Girls Party. So I got the boot. I’ve been out and about all night, killing time. I rode around on my scooter and took these pics, all one house.. This is what you call Overkill.