Twooos Day

The Wife is in Cayman Brac, she went yesterday and is coming back today. Last night there was an additional cat at the later than usual daily cat feeding. Above is a pic. Same age group as all the others.
Although I slept pretty good, I’m still tired. I was ‘aware’ all night, even though I was asleep. I could hear the wind, and it seemed cold. I was watching the clock, and thinking about crap, but I was asleep.
Yesterday evening I bought a big hunka beef for the slow cooker. I’m gonna go do that right now, then go to work.

A New Monday

THE Wife and I went to the beach yesterday, it was a pretty nice day. Took some pics
Same Sailboat
Speckly Fish, I’ve been trying to get a good pic of one of these for as long as I’ve lived here and have not.
Needle Fish School. You must click it to see it, really.
A Sponge
A pic of me by me
Now it’s Monday, ready to head back to work. Horrible football weekend. My Redskins have lost 6 in a row for the first time since sometime last century.

Pizza Sandwich. My Saturday

On the new job, I will be off Fridays and Sundays.
That means today is my Saturday.
Except I’m not off, I have to go out and install a new transmitter and a production studio. Hopefully I can get it done today, if I don’t need parts.
I am drinking coffee, trying to think of what to say, there ain’t much.
Below is a picture of a Zebra plant flower to be. It is growing on a long stalk, and I have been watching it. Later I’ll show more pictures as it grows.
Yesterday for lunch I had a pizza sandwich. I’ll give you the recipe, take notes, it’s complicated.
1) Take two leftover slices of cold pizza
2) Lay them flat on your work surface, crust down, toppings up, pointy ends away from you.
3) Fold your right hand slice over onto the left*, like closing a book, so the crusts are out, toppings in. Take care to ensure proper alignment of the pointy ends.
4) Put in plastic bag and wait till lunchtime.
5) Eat like normal sandwich.
* If you are left handed, reverse the procedure, placing the left hand slice upon the right.
There you have it, a pizza sandwich. If you neeed more detailed instructions, leave a comment in the comment section, and I will consider dedicating an entire post, with photos, to make the procedure more clear.
Have a gooooooooood DAY!


I set my alarm for 5:55 so I could get up and start getting more exercise.
I woke up at 4:30, laid there and laid there, finally got up and made coffee, and now I’m here in the pre dawn dark, starting to get sleepy again.

Bloggers Block

The last few days I’ve been having trouble thinking of anything to post. As you may have noticed.

I like looking back in my blog and see what I was doing a year ago, two years ago, all the way back to six years ago. Six years ago I was going to the Brac. Lost my Yahoo account (I still don’t trust and have nothing to do with Yahoo since)

Below is a picture of a cruise ship I took yesterday on my way home from work. It’s not as dark as the camera makes it out to be. Notice there is a sailboat passing between me and the ship.