Til Death Do Us Part-Dinner Game

Last night The Wife and I went to a dinner party / game called Til Death Do Us Part. It was really fun. You receive and invitation and learn what your character is.
Then you come up with a costume for that character. I was Newton Polyester, a Vegas wedding singer.
Then you go to the scene of the crime dinner, and the game starts. There is a book at your seat with your characters name on it. You open up and learn about yourself. Then you come to a page that says “STOP! Don’t read any further than this!”
Then all the guests question each other and try to figure out what’s going on. Then you move on to another section of the book, stopping at every “STOP” and questioning and being questioned. At the end, everyone makes their formal accusations, and on the last page of each characters book is their explanation, (which you already knew if you figured all the clues and info correctly).
It was really fun and if you ever get the chance to attend or host one of these dinner games, do it!

Orionid meteor shower

If you live somewhere you can see the sky, (here apparently you cannot) the Orionid meteor shower going on, and the best time to observe it should be this weekend. The Orionids generally begin on October 15 and end on October 29, with maximum generally occurring during the morning hours of October 20-22. The Orionids are barely detectable on the beginning and ending dates, but observers in the Northern Hemisphere will see around 20 meteors per hour at maximum, while observers in the Southern Hemisphere will see around 40 meteors per hour.

Read the article from where I stole this information here.

Location of the Orionids
For Northern Hemisphere Observers

For Southern Hemisphere Observers

On a different note, here it is still raining. Overnight my cold changed status from “going away” to “Very Bad”. Last night was a horrid night, the bedroom air felt like freezing razor blades, under the blanket was molten fire, and nothing in between.
This morning, took the dogs for a walk and got soaked. The rain was almost horizontal. Just what I needed. Anyway, I’m grumpy and crabby. And nobody commented yesterday on my excellent post.

Ruff Morning

For a week or so, maybe more maybe less, the wind has been from the south. Yesterday, it turned around and is coming from the north. I can hear the surf from the house.This morning, the dawgs and I walked up to have a look. Above is a pic. I made a video but it is too long. and boring.

Tonight the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce Business Expo starts. I’m going to go.

I started reading a book, you probably saw the movie…”The Caine Mutiny”. I’ve read the first 6 chapters so far. It is going to be better than the movie. Did you know that “The Caine Mutiny” was a bestselling book, highly popular play, and top movie, all at the same time? 1954. There is a line in the book that touched me. “Wasted hours ruin a life, whether at the beginning or the end, but they’re more noticeable at the end”. I’m wasting a lot of hours these days.

don’ t wanna

Last night I was sneezing and had a sore throat. My wife prepared me a shot of Nyquil and I went to bed, and slept like a rock till about 15 minutes ago. Then I got up and walked the dogs and have had two sips of coffee. I feel stuffy headed and brain dead and still have a sore throat.

Dang it. I don’ t wanna get sick.

Lack Of Interest

Due to lack of interest, todays post has been canceled, and replaced with random photos from the randomly unscheduled dump of phone pics to the computer.

Twelve Twelve and Twelves
A bird who loves his own reflection
The most beautiful woman in the world!