My name is Mud

I ruined all my wifes new work shirts by washing them with something red.
It would be better if she go mad and whooped me like a stepchild but she just got sad.
I feel really bad.

0 responses to “My name is Mud

  1. I've done that before and know exactly how you feel. Lucky it was only 2 of he white prison uniform shirts. I blame her though, I never wear red but she bought me the shirt so I had to wear it. 😛

  2. Oh I did that to some of my husband's shirts last summer. It does feel terrible! I want to help him out as much as I can while I'm on summer break, but I'm afraid of ruining more of his clothing. I'm kind'a laundry-impaired. Actually, I'm kind of housework-impaired in general.

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