“Then and Now” or “Slow Growing Bananas”

Dec 2009
Dec 2010
I was looking at my posts last year at this time. I noticed how big my banana plants were, compared to how big they are now. Hardly any difference. I water them and nothing happens, it rains and they put out new leaves immediately. Somebody told me there is something missing in the city water, but I can’t remember what it is, and can’t find the message again. ( As I type this, I wonder if it was a comment on last years post) I don’t think I’ll ever get any bananas off of these plants anymore.

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  1. Got an idea. google and try and find what kind of soil they need. If they don't like acid soil and that's what you have, add some Epsome Salts. I have to add it to my Japanese maple to keep the leaves really nice and red and to my hydranges if I want to change the flower colour to blue, violet or shades of pink. Sometimes I get all three!!…debbieepsome salts.

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