Weekend Visitor

The other day, I was brushing Sheba, and I turned around and there was a bird on the railing I could have reached out and touched. She was so close and calm. I went and got my camera and took these pics
Happy First Day of Summer! The 2010 Summer Solstice is, to be official, started 21 June at 6:28 a.m. Cayman Time.Today it’s back to work, I don’t wanna go! I need more weekend!

Dog Swallows Cats!

A dog almost died and needed an emergency operation after she wolfed down a family of toy cats.

Snowy the West Highland Terrier had to be operated on by vets after she swallowed five ceramic ornaments.
X-rays clearly showed the little cats inside the dog’s stomach.
Stunned owner Samantha Reed said: “I was shocked when the vets phoned to say Snowy had swallowed a few cats. I thought they meant real ones!”


I finished my online course, Computer Networking For Broadcast Engineers. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would.
Now it’s back to the Spanish!
Tomorrow is my Swearing-In as a citizen in the British Overseas Territories. It’s like I’m becoming a Brit, but remaining a foreigner in the Cayman Islands.
My contract for work expires at the end of June, not the end of July, as I had thought. There are, apparently, half a dozen qualified Caymanian applicants. The law requires the interviewer to hire the qualified Caymanian. It’s a good law, it sucks for me, but it’s a good law. In the US they fire the American to give the job to the immigrant! Everyone tells me not to worry, I will keep my job, but you never know! The fine line for the decision maker is in deciding how qualified the qualified applicant is. Sometimes I’m confident and sometimes I’m scared to death!
It would be ironic for the Cayman Islands Government to give me a CI passport with one hand and take my job of 13 years with the other!

I Think Sheba Can FLY!

At first glance, it may appear that I have posted the same picture twice, but look closely! One is a C5 Galaxy Aircraft, and the other is my Dawg, Sheba. Look how her ears are precisely the same as the airplanes wings. I think Sheba could fly, if she knew she could! What do you think?

What to post today?

I woke up early this morning. I haven’t made coffee, ’cause when I got up, I planned on going back to bed. Now the dawgs are bugging me for a walk, which means I probably am not going to make it back to bed.
Today is a Holiday here, Queens Birthday.
My contract is up for renewal at work, and I hear there are a lot of applicants. I’d worry, but it wouldn’t do me any good.
Sometimes I worry anyway.

Woke up at 1AM to go see Comet McNaught, but it was in a streetlight. Woke up at 5AM and the sky was too bright.
Lately it has been nice ion the mornings and T-Storms in the afternoon. Gotta get out early today!