Monday weekend report

I was sick this weekend, Friday I had a mild stomach problem, and the medicine I took for it made me super sick. I got out of bed Sunday about noon, feeling almost fine, went to the beach in the afternoon and now I’m back on track.
I have a problem with my underwater camera, where when I get in the water, the lens on he housing fogs up on the inside. I’ve cleaned it and it fogged again yesterday. I guess I’ll have to clean it again.
Have a good week!


I haven’t been posting much lately. I have been leaving my computer at work and once I get there, I don’t have time for a post. Here’s a couple of dawg pics. I hate it when people post cutsie pics of their dogs, but these are OK, because one is a horrifying monster and the other is the root of all evil. I’ll let you figure out which is which!I sent my camera out for repair, it would always give me a low battery warning. I got it back and the low battery problem is fixed, but now the colors don’t seem as bright. Everything looks misty or something.

Last night we went and saw the movie, Iron Man 2. It was really good. I can’t say if it was better or worse than the first one, about the same level of goodness I rekkon.
Here, now, it’s cloudy, I hope we get a decent rain.

wednesday whinin

I woke up feeling kind of bitchy today. It already seems like this week has been a million years long. Also my caps lock is stuck on Blogger on my phone. I am pressing the shift key before each and every lower case letTer. Only on blogger with my phoNe.

Witty Topic

I think every Monday I name my post “It’s Monday”, and I put how I had a great weekend. Or a crappy rainy one.

This was a good one, our first wedding anniversary. I ate way too much yesterday. We had three big meals and also we had year old wedding cake that was surprisingly good!
This morning I got up and went for a run, a short one, about four tenths of a mile. It was good to get my heart pumping and the sweat flowing. Lately I’ve been wondering when was the last time my heart ran at full speed? I can’t remember the last time. Before this morning. I think I can fit this into my schedule.
Did you ever notice that pets is spelled almost the same way as pests? Why is that? I just noticed because I made a typo! But dog spelled backwards is God. Seems a contradiction….
Around here, we keep our pets up on a pedestal!