Last Day of Inner Space 2010

Today is the last diving day of Inner Space 2010. It went by fast.
Tonight is the farewell dinner.
It has really been raining a lot the past two days, we need the rain, but I like diving when it’s sunny!
Here’s a couple of pics:

A truck full of rebreathers, the rebreathers are worth far more than the truck!A truck full of bailout tanks, people carry them in case something goes wrong with the rebreather.


It’s Thursday? Where have the days gone?
Actually I didn’t dive yesterday, I took a day off because I was sick. I was cold in the water Monday and Tuesday. I felt really bad Tuesday afternoon and evening. So I didn’t dive yesterday, got some rest, plenty of fluids and some homemade chicken soup from the Wife! (It was fantastic) Now I’m diving again today, with a thicker wetsuit.
I wonder if I got sick because I was cold, or if I was cold because I was getting sick?


It’s Tuesday? where have the days gone? I have been diving every day since my last post.
There’s not much to post about. The dives have all been too deep for my camera.
Yesterday was a holiday here, my Wife had the day off and went for a dive. She had a good time.
That’s it, the week is flying by way too fast.

Emma and Sol at the opening dinner.

Night Post

It’s Thursday night, I usually post in the morning. Heck, I remember when I’d post more than once a day.
I got my rebreather all ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow should be the start of several days in a row of diving.

I went to the beach today. I took a picture of a dragonfly sitting on a stick. He had weird things on his back.