Big 10 Inch

Last night was the longest night of the year, from here the days get longer.
I was saving a cigar for the longest night, I started smoking it when it was still light, and it took about two hours to smoke.
A fancy limited edition from Cuba!
It was good!

Around the Yard, Pt 0ne

I posted the pics with small thumbnails to save space, Click them to see the full size version!

My plant, a favorite, it likes winter, in the summer it gets too much sun, no matter where I put it!

A bird yesterday on our back porch, flippin water all over the place.

My baby cactus

Iguana in the tree, maximum zoom

I love this photo of my Dawg, he is so frikkn COOL! Maximum macro

Plantain plants should be much bigger

I don’t know what kind of bird this is, A crow with a parrot beak.

No post today

Todays post was supposed to be called “Around The Yard” With pictures from around my yard. However, yesterday, I Failed to get out to the yard and take pictures of things in my yard required for the above mentioned post.

Therefore, there will be no post today.
Please tune in tomorrow, same time, same webpage!

Time Flies

I don’t know where the week went. Monday I left my computer at work, so I couldn’t post Tuesday, but that’s the only thing I remember.
I replaced our kitchen faucet yesterday. On the old one, half of it came loose, a bolt rusted out. I got a new one with plastic bolts. None of the ones I looked at had metal bolts, except the same one we had, which I found in a store.
Tomorrow is my works Christmas Party, Saturday is The Wifes work Christmas party.

The phone company here sucks. They intermittently send a bill. In six months, I’ve received two bills. It’s a real hassle, because I have to go track them down, call them, find out how much my bill is. And I’ve complained before and have it documented.

Tuesday I received a rare phone bill. Tuesday I paid it. Tuesday I started getting automated calls about my bill being overdue. They suck. We need another phone company.