What a hassle

I formatted my computer, and now it will take a while to get all my issues sorted out. All my pictures I put on DVD. It was two and a half years of pics, and it took almost half a dozen DVD’s. Now all my pics are far far away, hard to post on my blog.
It’s OK, I’ll just take more.
I just got my email sorted out, and that’s good.
My power settings are messed up, I can’t make the laptop turn off when I close the lid.
My built-in camera isn’t working.

But it’s not locking up on me anymore, and it seems better, overall!

New Laptop coming?

Having major computer problems, the damn thing keeps freezing up, so that the only thing I can do is turn the power off then back on to get it working.

For the past couple of days I’ve been getting all my pics and docs off of it so I can re-format the drive, and see if that helps, but who knows.
Anyway, that’ why I haven’t been able to post lately.

Suddenly a GIANT BAT swooped down out of the sky!!

Yesterday my wife was driving us downtown and I had the camera and was just taking random pictures as we drove.

Suddenly a giant bat swooped down and started flying in front of the car! It was HUGE! Mildly, I said, “It looks like there’s a giant bat flying if front of the car.” My wife said “Oh yeah”. We were strangely calm in what could have been the last few seconds of our lives.

I’m surprised nobody else saw it, that it wasn’t in the news, like Godzilla or something!

Then I realized it was a little spotted eagle ray hanging from my wifes rear view mirror!
Boy was I embarassed!

Saturday Morning

I guess God gave me all that sleep Wednesday night because he had hell day planned for me on Thursday.

I worked from 8AM till 10:30 PM with some major studio problems.
Yesterday I was off, but did get called in for one problem.
I went for a beach walk yesterday and took this pic, sand dunes underwater.

And this one, I took it from my scooter, on the way home. Good Fishfry!

Last night, I went through my whole blog, month by month. I didn’t read it word for word, but it was interesting. Some stuff I don’t remember what I was talking about, and some of the links are dead. But it was pretty cool! The most comments I ever got was 22.