Back to the beach pics

After yesterdays refreshing post, I have been requested to “Get back to the beach pics”. So here’s some:
It’s easy to post pics when I haven’t got anything else to post about. It’s just another week at work. I took these yesterday during my lunchtime beach walk.

Blasted by a waverunner
The Helicopter

I don’t know if you want to see this

Remember when the Dawgs had diarrhea? Well I took them to the vet and got pills. One of them started pooping normally. I was telling the OI Girl I never saw the other one poop since I started the pills. She has been saying he poops fine now. But I never saw him. When I got to work, she had emailed me the proof!
Disgusting! I laughed till I cried when I opened the email!


Good Weekend

Two Four Eye Fishes

Good weekend! Good Valentines Day. I gave the OI Girl a seahorse pendant and necklace, she gave me a box of chocolate cigars.
We went to the beach and diving I took the above pics. Saturday was cloudless, sunny and HOT!
I did get called into work Saturday morning for a couple hours, almost missing my dive. But all turned out well!

Friday the 13th

My lucky day, but I got called into work early because of a computer problem, and I’m having other technical diffidulties at work
The diarrhea Dawgs are going to the vet tomorrow.

Check this out! A shocking picture! Look at the Cruise ship doing a wheelie! The UFO! and the little monster at the bottom! ANd read the caption on the photo-it hasn’t even happened yet!
It is from

Left Click on the Photo to ENLARGE, then Right Click on it to save to your Computer
we have herd a little in the news lately about pirates taking over ships and making the ships crew walk the plank, but the real ships in distress are the ones such as in the above photo which was taken on March 14, 2009 by a boy fishing from a raft in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.