Last night I was over at a friends house for ‘drinks’. There were all my best friends there, talking about business and money. I think I was the only non-millionaire there and I felt kind of inferior.
When I was a little kid about 8, I started helping my friends big brother deliver newspapers. I really haven’t been unemployed since.
And I have very little to show for it.
I’m lucky, and I’m doing pretty good I guess, I have two mortgages on two houses, and that’s my only debt. My salary needs a big increase, but I’m making ends meet.
But it’s all chickenfeed. I’ll never be able to retire at this rate, I can only see working till I die.

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  1. Gee, i don’t even KNOW any millionaires much less have any bf’s that are!Maybe thats why we have all this legal gambling and lottery, to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to retire in style…………:(HA HA)

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