I asked for some time off next month, because my Mom and sister are coming to visit. My boss said no, because she set me up with a bunch of extra work for exactly perfectly the same dates as my Moms visit. So not only will I not be getting time off for my mothers visit, I’ll probably be working late during her whole stay too.
They owe me more than 590 hours, and when I ask for time off, the answer is no. (this has happened twice in a row now)

Trashbag raincoat

Yesterday I left my raincoat at work, so today I wore a black trashbag with holes cut for my head and arms. Although I had seen them plenty, it was the first time I had ever worn such a garmet.
Stylish enough to wear anywhere, yet comfortable enough for everyday wear, economical and functional. It goes with anything, keeps you dry, and it was big enough that my computer backpack would fit underneath, not outside in the rain like with my raincoat.
So, it was a good thing!
My car’s in the shop, getting a new muffler, there was ascraping sound, I figured front end, big $$$ but it wasn’t so bad. The tailpipe was scraping the tire on right turns. That’s why I’m riding my scooter in the rain.

Good weekend

My Favorite Pirate

It was a good weekend, Saturday OI Girl and I took the two dawgs to a training session. They both did very well. Ditto better than Sheba. We’ll be going back for several weeks. Sheba seems to be improving, but she’s still hardheaded.
Also we went to the Pirates week landing and parade and Saturday night we watched fireworks from our roof.
Sunday we went to the beach, it was sunny and hot till it suddenly started raining.
Today is windy and cold.
This is the kind of post nobody leaves a comment on.

Hell Day

Yesterday I didn’t see the light of day. I got to work at 4 AM and didn’t leave till 7:30 PM.Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. Well, that’s not true, but you get the idea. Major computer problems

I just hope I can leave at a reasonable time today.

Back From The Brac

The devastation on the Brac was pretty complete, but there’s someone working practically on every roof, they put up new light poles on it seems like the whole north side of the island. Everyone’s working in the year, cleaning up. Nobody is defeated.

Brac Reef will be gutted and rebuilt, keeping it the same, but newer.

The Brac will be better than before in the long run

It is a lot more efficient having 50,ooo people on Grand Cayman helping 2000 people on the Brac , instead of 50, 000 needing to be helped by 2000.