That Dang Cold

The OI Girl woke up with a bad sore throat this morning. She got the same thing that took me out for two days last week. I still have a cough from it. It is really bad. She’s going to the doctor straight away, her co-worker had it, I had it, and she knows it’s bad. I got the best results from gargling with salt water

Porno Pictures

Back at work, getting ready to go do my time sheets, one of my least favorite worktime activities. Yesterday, the OI Girl and I didn’t do a thing, just laid around the house, watched some movies. Saturday I weed whacked and made a big ol pile of rocks in the corner of the yard. At least a pickup truck load sized pile. This morning at home, I was looking at my stats by clicking on my counter about where everyone comes from, what search queries brought people to my blog, and other cool stuff. SO here’s a picture to increase my hits. Lets see what happens!

This is a :
Cute Underage Chick with a Hairy Pussy!!!

Dumb, I know

Weed Whackin’

Did you ever see the Movie Terminator 2? When Arnold is up there in the second or third floor of that building with a Gatling gun? He was panning back and forth with fire spurting, the machine gun rumbling, mowing down cops and blowing up police cars?
That was me yesterday, with a weed whacker, panning back and forth, choppin’ em down left and right. Also, the weed whacker sounds exactly like The Terminators gatling gun too. Just like Batmans motorcycle is exactly like my scooter.

Today I have to pick up rocks, a lot of rocks. After I rake them in a pile, and finish weed whacking.

Sick Days

I am back at work after two sick days. I probably coulda come to work, but I read an article about coming in sick, and that your co-workers don’t appreciate it, because they feel that they may get sick. SO far I feel like nobody even missed me. Maybe I should have stayed off a couple more days!

Here’s a pic of two dawgs in a wagon.

Oh Yeah, PS: this is my 1000th Post!