I make Dreams Come True!

Yesterday, I was in the yard, getting a little R&R in, (Thats Raking Rocks) and the OI Girl came out all decked out in my coveralls and said she wanted to test out the weed whacker. She said she always wanted to run a weed whacker. SO I got it started and gave her the safety glasses and put her to it! She had fun. Glad I could help her out! Now if I can just get her to keep whackin the weeds!

Right now I’m in Clearwater Florida, in my hotel room. Getting ready to go get some food and maybe hang by the pool. Taco Bell, here I come!

0 responses to “I make Dreams Come True!

  1. Wow. I’m impressed with her safety measures. I’m too impatient. When I had a yard to maintain, I would wear shorts and a t shirt, and sunglasses. Shoes were optional. Lol. I have more tiny scars on my legs than I can count from rocks flung by the weed whacker.

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