Cayman Fights

The fights were GREAT! They were at the Cruise Ship Terminal, where the cruise shippers get off the ships. I had purchased cheap seats, just to go by and check it out, thinking we’d leave early if we wanted. But when we got there, we went to get some ice cream, and there were tables by the ice cream place on the balcony. We sat down and stayed there the whole time and we had the best seats in the house. And waiters kept bring by hors d’oeuvures and we had food and drinks and I had a couple of cigars and it was a really great night! It was the OI Girls first night at the fights!

This is a video from my phone, because we forgot our cameras. The audio isn’t great because it was LOUD!

The Puppy

There’s a puppy on our street, female, about 45 pounds, huge paws. She’s so happy and energetic and she keeps jumping up on me, the OI Girl and my dog. My dog hates it. The OI Girl came home crying once because of it, I whack the dog on the head and say “NO JUMPING”. She’s learning not to jump on me, but as soon as I’m nice again, she jumps again. She is usually very muddy too.

Attack Chicken

This morning I was walking my Dawg, on a short leash. He found a chicken who was sitting on eggs under a brown bag by the road. The Momma chicken was upset, to say the least, at being disturbed and she came out and charged my dog. I was mad at him for pulling the lead and was pulling him backward. He was dying to get the chicken. It was pretty funny, my Dawg withdrawing on his two back feet as I pulled him backward while the chicken advanced, all puffed up and as aggressive as a chicken can be. We woke up every dog within a quarter mile. After I took my dog inside, I went back and covered the nest with the bag

Holiday Monday

Today is a holiday, I have the day off and the OI Girl does too.
So far it’s been a great weekend. We’ve been working on the house a lot and the huge pile of boxes in almost gone. Saturday I painted the sundeck with concrete sealer and I had them dye the sealer blue. It looks like a swimming pool! It needs another coat and then it’ll be ready for the lounge chairs. Also I hung up a big metal sun on the front porch. I like it, I think it looks cool.

Yesterday I woke up really early and sat on the back porch with the newspaper and drank come coffee. It was nice and shady. I have to point out that here, the newspapers don’t deliver, and most put out a big Friday edition and that’s it for the weekend, But recently, The Cayman Observer, a free newspaper, has started delivering on Sundays. It is fantastic! It’s been two weekends in a row I’ve sat on the porch with the paper and coffee. Ahh the small pleasures are the best.

Today I plan on boring a hole in the 8 inch concrete block under the kitchen sink to put a garden hose attachment on the back porch. Wish me luck!

Bruce Day

The day I last saw my little brother Bruce alive was June 13th 1991, when he came and visited me in Virginia. He stayed with me at my apartment. We went to Virginia Beach & had hamburgers on the boardwalk the day he went back home to Bridgeport, Connecticut. He and his girlfriend, Karen, were murdered approximately June 30th 1991, in Tucson, Arizona. He was seven years younger than me.