Another Good Weekend

I had a good weekend. Saturday I rode the scooter all around the island. I found a secret, tiny beach. I should have taken this pic BEFORE I climbed down there. The sand was very soft and deep.
Here it is on Google Earth, I guess it’s not a secret any more

Here’s me, on the tiny beach.

Sunday I went to my regular beach, then picked up the OI Girl from the airport around noon, had a nap, and went back to the beach. The IO Girl had a great time in the US!

Sat Morn

It’s Saturday Morning, I’m going to take the scooter around to the East End of the island, I picked out some spots to check out on Google Earth. Here’s a video of the area I want to explore from the air, taken when I was going to the Brac last weekend. I seek deserted beaches. Also a pic from Google Earth, the same area as on the video, I turned it upside down for you so it’s the same orientation as the video.

The OI Girl is in Florida this weekend, visiting her Mom and Aunt who are up there from Costa Rica. She’ll be back tomorrow afternoon.

Super P-O’ed.

My boss let a worker into my office and let him use my tools without permission. And he messed up some of my projects, setting me back at least a week. I was super P-O’ed.

Tomorrow the OI Girl is going to Florida for the weekend. Her Mom and Aunt will be there.

Brac Saturday

I’m on Cayman Brac again, for the Sister Islands Agriculture Show. LAst night I had to record a public meeting for future broadcast. It started at 8 and went till midnight. It was supposed to start at 7:30 and I was there early, like about 6:30. I was really tired and a little annoyed by the time it was done. It was supposed to be 7:30-9:30.

Today I just hope I can get a good signal over the phone line back to Grand Cayman. That’s all I hope for today.

Agriculture Show

click photos to enlarge
Pre Dawn Cruise ship
Why the long face?
Cattle Rustler

Yesterday was the annual agricultural show. It was pretty fun for a day at work. The organizers wanted the vehicle in place by 6:15 AM, so I had to get up pretty early.