Brac Saturday

I’m on Cayman Brac again, for the Sister Islands Agriculture Show. LAst night I had to record a public meeting for future broadcast. It started at 8 and went till midnight. It was supposed to start at 7:30 and I was there early, like about 6:30. I was really tired and a little annoyed by the time it was done. It was supposed to be 7:30-9:30.

Today I just hope I can get a good signal over the phone line back to Grand Cayman. That’s all I hope for today.

Agriculture Show

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Pre Dawn Cruise ship
Why the long face?
Cattle Rustler

Yesterday was the annual agricultural show. It was pretty fun for a day at work. The organizers wanted the vehicle in place by 6:15 AM, so I had to get up pretty early.


It’s Saturday, Glad for the weekend off. There’s Art At Governors this weekend, but I don’t have to do the broadcast.
Next weekend is Cayman Brac work, and Wednesday (a holiday here) I am working.
I’m feeling kind of blue this morning, no reason.
I almost got to do a little scuba teaching this morning, but it fell through. I think OI Girl and I are diving this afternoon.
I didn’t post yesterday because I promised a friend I’d fix his computer and that what’s I was doing.