My Right Toe

I have two big toes, one on my left and one on my right. I seem to be biased to the one on my right. Or vice versa. I only hurt my right big toe.
A couple of months ago, I fell up the stairs, and bent my toe way backwards and ripped the guts out of my shoe and it hurt really bad. Now my toenail is all black and bruised underneath and I rekkkon six months for the discolored part to grow out.
Yesterday I swam the mile, and when I was walking back to my car I stubbed my bad toe on a grapefruit sized rock. I looked up and down and it was the only rock on the beach.
The thing is, I only hurt my right big toe. As long as I can remember, I’ve called it my bad toe.
I must lead with my right foot.

Careless & Worthless (C&W)

I am so tired of being ripped off by our phone company. Cable & Wireless, aka Careless & Worthless.
I can’t remember anything they’ve done right the first time. Ever. I switch plans, and it doesn’t happen, I have to go there twice or more. If I move, and need to switch my phone to the new place, it doesn’t happen.
I return an item, the credit doesn’t appear on my bill.
No matter what it is, Careless & Worthless will fail their customer, at the customers expense.
Perfect incompetence.
Zero first time success rate on any task, they need constant pressure and supervision to do it after their deadline. And you better get everyones name you talk to there.
The Cayman Islands used to have the world record for the highest phone rates on the planet. Maybe they still do.
Careless & Worthless, The only game in town.


I asked her, she said yes. She didn’t hesitate, she just said “Of course I’ll marry you” and began hugging and kissing me. I had to tell her to quit it and look at the ring.
She likes the ring, too.

Back On The Brac

I’m back on Cayman Brac, Lovin’ it so far. The OI Girl is downstairs, she’ll be working on a new bar menu while she’s here. I’m going to be diligently guarding the pool and beach areas. I brought my snorkel gear. I’ve been trying to loose weight, I was 199 now I’m about 181. This place isn’t going to help any.

My Friday

Today is my Friday, OI Girl and I are going to the Brac tomorrow for a restful weekend. Plus she’s going to help them make a new menu. (She worked there when we met, as you will recall.)
I’m really looking forward to it.

No Record

The courthouse didn’t have any record of any ticket. I called, I went down there and I got everybodies name I talked to.
Apparently the cop never turned anything in.
She has 30 days to submit it, most of which are gone.