Stood up

A few weeks ago, The OI Girl and I invited our next door neighbors over for a cookout on my new grill. I was all ready with a couple of pounds of steak, and a couple of pounds of shrimp, all Ke-babed up, ready for the grill.
They decided they couldn’t make it, and just hung out inside their apartment, the door of which is less than 12 inches from our front door. They said maybe they can make it after the new year.
I don’t think so.
OI Girl thinks they’re having some internal problems, like maybe I asked him, and he didn’t tell her, so she got pissy and decided to be difficult and not come. Who knows, who cares? NottEye!
So, I put a lot of kebabs back in the fridge, and we’re having them Friday. And we had a great shrimp kebab dinner.

Also we have a lot of leftover turkey from Xmas dinner at a friends. They got stood up too. They were expecting 20, then 8 then only the OI Girl and I showed up.

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