Wilmington, Ohio

I am in Wilmington, Ohio, my Moms hometown. I think the last time I was here was 25 or 30 years ago. Last night we had pizza with my cousin, his wife and son. The cousin I’ve known all my life, the wife and son I met for the first time last night. Today I ought to see my other cousin, who is closest to my age. (My Moms sister has 3 sons, my Mom had one brother and one sister, both have passed). Today we’ll see my Grandfathers old farm, and visit with some of his friends.
We went to Wal-Mart last night, and there’s a Taco Bell within walking distance of out hotel. And yes, we did stop at Taco Bell once already. It was just as wonderful as I remembered!
Today I rekkon I’ll start taking some pics. I’ve taken a few so far.


I’m in Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, it’s COLD up here, (high 50’s).

Today we’re meeting the OI Girls friends and tomorrow we’re heading for Ohio. the OI Girl was an exchange student in High School and we’re visiting the family she lived with. this is the same people she went up for the wedding for a couple of months ago.

Somethings wrong with my new computer, It can’t connect to the internet. It connects to the wireless network, just can’t load any pages. It seems I always have a problem with a new computer.

PS It’s not hard to type with the Treo.

Third World USA

I’m at my Mothers house, typing this on my phone. Hopefully I can email it.
Arriving in the US was like landing in a third world country. Fort
Lauderdale airport was very disappointing. We went thru security to make
our connection and the terminal was dirty, overcrowded and had totally
insufficientfood and seating facilities. There was only one “food stand”, a
Nathans Hot Dogs, and it was filthy. The coffee was full of “floaties”
(cockroach shit?) I took it back. A teeny bag of french fries weighed
(seriously) about two pounds from the grease. Poison. That bag was like
holding a 2 pound scuba weight. The vents on the Coke mchine were clogged
with dust and the employees bad attitudes were self evident. Horrible.
Intolerable. That’s Terminal H at Fort Lauderdale Airport. Beware!
Arriving in DC has been an improvement. We usually use Baltimore, but this
time we landed at Washington National (the people from here will never call
it Reagan National). BWI is better, but this was OK. It was way past my
bedtime when we finally got to my Moms. I got some funny looks because the
OI Girl was handling the luggage, while I just stood there, a cripple.
Yesterday my Mom took us all over. Shopping. The OI Girl bought a new
purse, a cool hat and clothes.
I bought a new laptop, (but I’m typing this from my phone, in bed.) It is a
sweet laptop, another Toshiba, dual core Intel processor, 13.3 inch screen
with a fingerprint reader and webcam all built in. It has Windows Vista,
which will take a little getting used to. But I really like it.
Today is the unveiling of my Fathers tombstone, then the OI Girl and my Mom
will tour DC a little while I go see an old Navy buddy of mine. One of my
oldest friends. We’ve been outta touch for over 10 years. Its going to be
Yesterday I threw away my bandage and had my first real shower in a week. I
haven’t shown the OI Girl my scar yet. I’m afraid she’s going to be shocked.
Tomorrow we head to Ohio.

one blue ball

Today is the last day before we Travel to the US. I feel fit enough, I was worried I wouldn’t. I have to pack, I’m taking my biggest suitcase, at the The OI Girl’s request, so she has room to put the stuff she buys. It will be almost empty on the way up.

I really want a new laptop. And Taco Bell.

I saw my new scar for the first time yesterday. It is much bigger than I thought. I took a pic with my cell phone camera. What you see in the pic is my right hip, my legs are to the left and my you-know-what is under the blue cloth. My skin is kind of wrinkly from the old bandage they just took off. And bruised. And I have one blue ball, which I won’t show you. The doc says it looks good, and I’m inclined to beleive him. I feel better than I expected.

(they shaved me before the operation.)

I want to get in the SEA!

Today I have an appointment to have my dressing changed. It will be the first time seeing my new scar. Since I can’t drive, I’m taking the bus, which on this island, is a mini van. How I’m going to get from the bus to the hospital is anybodies guess, I rekkon the OI Girl could leave work and take me. What a hassle this no driving stuff is. I guess I could walk the hundred million miles from the bus to the hospital. Can’t drive, but it’s OK to walk a hundred million miles!
Also the doctor told me I can’t get my wound wet for a week. That means crappy showers. Hoseoffs, really. Once I can get it wet, I’m getting in the SEA! I can’t wait for that.
I’m really glad I got the operation done right away. I have a friend who’s got a similar thing and is putting it off.
Also, I notice in the car, when the OI Girl is driving, I’m very sensitive to bumps and sharp turns and stuff. I think that if we were all more sensitive in this way, we’d all be better drivers. With this thing on my side, I think a crash would hurt like hell, I realize that even without this thing on my side, a crash’d still hurt like hell, but I don’t seem as aware of it usually.
Very interesting!