Hump day

Today is hump day. In more ways than one. Not only o is it Wednesday, humpday of the week, it is also the longest day of the year. Starting tomorrow, the days start getting shorter again and we swing towards winter. I like the longer days better.
Day before yesterday, I went swimming. I practiced some drills in a book, Total Immersion. Yesterday when I swam, it was like I had forgotten how to swim, I couldn’t figure out how my stroke should be to be at it’s best. And it felt like I got very tired very easily. My time at the end was OK though.
I think I need some swimming lessons.

the book

Has this ever happened to you?

I came to work this morning, and I forgot my shoes. I got half way and realized I was wearing my flip-flops. I could probably get away with it, but I called the OI Girl and she’s bring me my shoes. Not that I really need them.

Here’s a not-too pretty pic someone just emailed me of me after the mile swim. I look exhaustificated! (because I was)!

The 30 minute mile

The swim went well today. I did it the other day in 36 minutes, Then this morning I did the half mile, just to get loosened up, and it took 16 minutes. I figured that if I can do the half in 16 minutes I can do the mile in 32, and if I can do the mile in 32 minutes, I can do it in 30.
My time was 29 mins and 17 seconds, and I came in 110th out of 546 swimmers.
It was pretty rough, wave-wise, but the current helped us all. I had some foot cramps about half way and a couple of bad calf cramps about 3 quarters of the way through, but I just kept swimming.
It was good.
I didn’t win any random prizes though

Oh yeah, PS, it was nice and sunny too!

Tomorow’s the day!

(Pic stolen from the Flowers Sea Swim website)

Today is Friday, tomorrow is the Mile Swim. The weather is still nasty. It will take a lot to make them cancel it, but I like swimming in the sun. I haven’t swam since day before day before yesterday.
OH well.