pre dive

Woke up this morning a little before 6, went to the dive shop and dropped off a bunch of tanks I should have dropped off days ago, now I’m back home, getting ready to go to the airport to pick up my dive buddy, John.
I’ve been in contact with the OI Girl, she’s having a blast in NY. She just came out of the salon and she’s sending me pictures of her hair.
That’s it, I’ll be diving all week now!


I have just completed my
Cleveland Institute of Electronics Course!!

I started July 19th, 2006 – I finished today,
May 18, 2007.

It took me 10 months, the time limit was
two years.

I was told by my student counselor that so far, I have a 91.96 Percent average-
(not including the results from the last two tests I just took, which I will get Monday, hopefully increasing my average!!!)

I am done!!

I’m taking my dawg to the beach now!!

2 to go

I have been studying all day. I have two lessons to go. I am doing them both at the same time. There are like interrelated reviews. I want to finish them tomorrow.
I’m going to bed now. It is way past my 8:30 bedtime.


Today is my last day of work before I go on Holiday!
I actually don’t feel so excited about it though, I just took the OI Girl to the airport, she’s going to the US for a few days for a friends wedding. I’ll miss her. (I do already)

Friday a dive buddy of mine arrives from Jamaica, and Saturday a dive buddy of mine arrives from Virginia Beach. I will be diving a lot! A LOT!

US Navy History

I got this from Spence’s Blog, A Sailors Life:

This may not be accurate, but it’s pretty funny and gives you an idea of what the old navy used to be like, (even before my time!)

The U.S.S. Constitution (Old Ironsides) as a combat vessel carried 48,600 gallons of fresh water for her crew of 475 officers and men. This was sufficient to last six months of sustained operations at sea. She carried no evaporators.

However, let it be noted that according to her log, “On July 27, 1798, the U.S.S. Constitution sailed from Boston with a full complement of 475 officers and men, 48,600 gallons of fresh water, 7,400 cannon shot, 11,600 pounds of black powder and 79,400 gallons of rum.”

Her mission: “To destroy and harass English shipping.”

Making Jamaica on 6 October, she took on 826 pounds of flour and 68,300 gallons of rum. Then she headed for the Azores, arriving there 12 November. She provisioned with 550 pounds of beef and 64,300 gallons of Portuguese wine. On 18 November, she set sail for England. In the ensuing days she defeated five British men-of-war and captured and scuttled 12 English merchantmen, salvaging only the rum aboard each. By 26 January, her powder and shot were exhausted. Nevertheless, although unarmed she made a night raid up the Firth of Clyde in Scotland Her landing party captured a whisky distillery and transferred 40,000 gallons of single malt Scotch aboard by dawn.

Then she headed home.

The U.S.S. Constitution arrived in Boston on 20 February, 1799, with no cannon shot, no food, no powder, no rum, no wine, no whisky and 38,600 gallons of stagnant water.


Twas a good weekend

Good weekend, I swam in a half mile sea swim, and came in second in my age group. I got my third trophy!
This week I work till Wednesday and then I’m on vacation! It’s Inner Space time again and I am READY to dive. I already whined about how little diving I’ve done in the past year so I won’t do it again.

This morning I brought a bunch of sweet pepper plants, spider plants and some aloe plants into work to give away. I dropped the whole bunch face down on the floor. I think they’ll be OK, but dammit, I was specifically trying to NOT dump them.
dats it.