Yesterday and Tomorrow

Yesterday I worked, first we broadcasted the 40th Annual Agricultural Show. I took my camera and took a lot of pics but I left my camera at home so I can’t show you the pics.

Then there was the National Championships Football Finals. We broadcast that and it made for a pretty full day. When I say football, I mean football, not American football, which is completely different.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to Cayman Brac for the weekend. (Work) then I’m coming back Monday, only to go back for the day on Wednesday.

I need to join the frequent flyer club!!

Text Twist

Have you ever played the game Text Twist? I have it on my cell phone and play it a lot. I was doing pretty good for a long time, it seemed I could always figure out the word. All of a sudden, I can’t. The word just doesn’t come to me. Like a piece of my brain went inactive. At the same time, the ability to study went away too. I got a 78% and a 76% on my last two tests. I can pretty much say good-bye to my decent average.
I gotta get my feet back on the ground.

Short but good

I worked Saturday, but it was fairly pleasant. We had a broadcast from East End and we took the long way back around when we were done. So we had a pretty nice island tour and it was OK
But Sunday seemed like Saturday and I’m ready for another day off.
Yesterday the OI Girl and I went to the beach and I didn’t wear a hat and my head is red and I have a sunburnt nose. Then in the evening it got cloucy and really cold, so cold it was warmer in the apartment than outside and we opened the windows and there was a good cool breeze blowing though. And it rained. I was out walking the dog and it started raining and I was pretty far from home and it was COLD! We ran back and got pretty wet. How come you can take a dog swimming and give him a rinse 0ff (with no soap) after the beach and he smells fine, but a dog that gets wet from rain smells like a wet dog?

Today is theOI girls first day at work. I’m pretty sure she’ll like her new job. I frikkin hope so!

Working to get more work.

Well, the OI Girl is back, let me tell you, it is great to see her.
I spent all day yesterday, back and forth with the Port Authority, trying to get them to release some broadcast equipment. first they sent me back to the station to modify some papaerwork, then they rejected the paperwork they had me modify, even though it was exactly what they asked for.
Anyway, I have to go back today and try to finish up. Working to get more work.

I guess nobody understood me joking about feng shui yesterday.

Fing Shoey

Tonight the OI Girl gets back. She’s been gone four weeks and two day.
She’s been studying Fing Shoey, and she’s going to rearrange the furniture when she gets back.
After work tonight I’ll be cleaning and then be at the airport at about 7:40.


There’s a girl at work, our receptionist. She just had a baby about two months ago. Last night I went into work late for an outside broadcast. She was sitting there, waiting for her husband to pick her up and take her home. She had been waiting an hour, like every night, when he is supposed to pick her up. He treats her like shit. He doesn’t work, he just fucks off. I always get so mad when I see her waiting every night for him to pick her up.
She acts like you think she’s going to act. If you think she’s lazy, she’s lazy. She acted not-too-bright, but I could see the intelligence in her face when she talked to her childeren. I always knew that if I asked her to do something, she’d get it done, and she always did. I liked her. She is someone who I think grew up being squashed by everyone she knew. Defeated. But she still had the spark in her.

Last night when I saw her, I noticed she looked younger and calmer and more serene than normal. Very relaxed.

This morning, she passed away.