Family Trees

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Last night, a friend of mine was looking at a bunch of old photos. Old Photos, like some from the 50’s on up. There was one picture he didn’t know who it was. I told him to make notes on the back of the photos, because now it was one photo unknown, in a year it will be more, till nobody knows who anyone is in the photos. But the whole thing made me start thinking about my family. On my Mothers side, my Aunt made a family tree. It’s like a whole book. On my Fathers side, I mentioned it to my cousin once and we wrote down what we knew, but nothing too in-depth. I think it’s something that should be done, trace the lineage back, but it’s the kind of thing I procrastinate about till it’s too late. And as time goes by, information is lost.

Here’s a picture of a leaf I took yesterday on the beach. It kind of fits the subject.

Computer Addict

I got up this morning to study and decided to check my email and a bank balance first and now, more than an hour later I’m still here. I need to go study. Every time I come to the computer, I spend more time than I intended.

I put a new link in my sidebar, It is where you can see a lot of leaked media files. It used to be but Live Leak took it over, it was much better as Ogrish, but it’s still has a lot of info you can’t find anywhere else. This morning I was listening to the caller who warned the radio station people could die from their contest. After listening to that, I think perhaps somebody deserves to go to jail.

I’m working tonight and tomorrow. So far, not Sunday.

New blogger

I’m getting increasingly disgruntled that I cannot switch to the new version of Blogger. I started trying to switch to beta months and months and ago and couldn’t. Now beta’s gone, and everytime I log on I get invited to switch to the new version and when I try, I get told I can’t. According to the help file, I should be able to. The only reason that might apply as to why I can’t is that is if this blog is too big. It’s not THAT big.

This morning I’m working early and late. I have a broadcast this morning at the Ritz, then I have to go back tonight for my all-week broadcast. It was a hassle moving all the equipment and now I have to move it back tonight. Also I was not informed of this mornings broadcast till last night. The Ritz is one of the worst places to broadcast from.

Nikon D-100

I have a camera I never use anymore, a Nikon D-100. It was pretty good when I got it, it still is, but it’s kinda obsolete. Not enough megapixels. I like it because I can put different lenses on it and stuff. But I haven’t used it in a while, because it’s a pain in the butt to carry around.
I took it out the other day and decided I am going to start using it again. I don’t even remember how to work it!!
And that’s all I have to say today, I’m going out to take some pics!

(PS: I got an 86% on that last test, the one I was whining about. One I had right and I switched, two others I think I’m right and they’re wrong. I didn’t miss any of the ones that were giving me difficulty.)

late shift


It’s Monday, I’m at home. I work evenings this week. It will be nice for a change.
I made it to an old secret beach yesterday. I have a stash of beach stuff there, shells and seeds and good beach junk. It’s still there, but they put a road in on the path that I used to go down to get to the secret beach. It probably won’t be secret for too much longer.
I worked last night, till about 9:30. The alarm went off at 3:30 and I turned it off. It was super hard to wake up. Now I’m drinking coffee and getting ready to start studing. And I did a big stack of dishes this morning.
It looks like we’re getting over the cold wind period. (thanks for the sympathy in the comments!)

Sometimes you just gotta say . . . .


I just took the test on the chapter that gave me such a hard time, even though I was unsure of some of the material. I’ll probably miss some I didn’t even suspect might be wrong. (really I just hope I didn’t flunkit)

Today is Saturday and I’m not working, but I am, however, working tomorrow. Evenings next week all week.

It is still very cold and windy, but I owe the dawg a beach walk today. Poor ‘lil fella!

I was cruising some blogs and found pics of someone I know on one! Hee Hee!

Already the weekend

This must be the shortest week on record. I was worried about this week because it has been the first full week after several short weeks because of holidays, but it went pretty fast and painlessly.
I am upset at my schoolwork though. I have been on this lesson for 10 days, a new record I think, and I’ve spent half the time on two questions and just cannot find the answer. I’m afraid I’m going to flunk this chapter. I’ll be calling the school today, but I’m so lost I don’t think I can even formulate a question.


This morning it was soo hard to wake up. I hit the snooze 3 times. I finally got up, and my brain was not functioning too well while I was studying. It seemed darker than normal outside too. I looked at my watch and it was 6:40 and still dark. My beeper went off 10 minutes later, telling me time to go to work, and it was light.
Here it is very cloudy, windy and cold.

I feel kind of zombie-fied today. I considered calling in sick.

Yesterday afternoon I went looking for the OI Girls cat, Tica. I received a phone call yesterday, and I can send her back to Cayman Brac, where she grew up. The person who has the OI Girls old apartment will take her, if she’s not wild. If Tica wants to be wild, she can be one of the outdoor cats at Brac Reef Resort, where OI Girl used to work. Everything’s been set up by the manager there. (she’s the one who called me).
Either way, Tica has a much better chance of survival there than here.
If I can find, and catch, Tica the Cat.