A Meer-Ackle!

There’s a guy I know, I had labeled him “The Laziest Person I Ever Met”. Yesterday he changed my opinion of him completely. He went out of his way, inconvienenced himself, and ventured into uncharted territory to help an old man. I was, and am still, impressed.

After work yesterday, I experienced a minor meer-akle. I got home, walked the dawg, and left him tied to the front porch, like always. I went in and got my stuff and came back out to take him snorkeling, and he was gone! I shrugged my shoulders and went to the beach without him. (Poor ‘lil fella!) When I got home, he was tied to the front porch again! A Meer-Ackle! He must have unclipped himself where the leash was attached to his collar, gone for a little run, come back and clipped himself back to the leash! I’da never thunk he coulda done it, but we hold these truths to be self evident.
(Or else I didn’t clip him properly, he got off, and a neighbor clipped him back up when he came home.)

Here’s a pic I took yesterday whilst snorkeling, click to enlarge.

0 responses to “A Meer-Ackle!

  1. I’m a bad girl, but you knew that. LOL. Seriously, I just swiped your fish pic on this post and set it as my desktop pic on my laptop. But at least I’m an honest thief, right? My dog got out of the room we left him in last night when we went out to dinner. Came home and he had gotten in the TV room and had somehow taken all the couch cushions off the the sofa as well as other jackassery. I’m still pissed at him. Next time I’ll toe him to the porch – IN THE SNOW!

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