Chicken Little (the sky is falling?)

What’s wrong with the sky in this picture? Something seems to be wrong with the clouds!
Yesterday after work I went snorkeling. I took this pic from about 14 feet underwater looking up. I could see the half moon, and was trying to take a pic of the moon from underwater, but you can’t seem to see it in any pictures I took.
This is looking back at the shore from about where I was snorkeling when I took the sky pics. It was pretty calm.

I’m awake and was trying to study, but my brain isn’t functioning too well this morning. Yesterday I took a test and got only one wrong. I got it wrong because I was thinking 3/8ths was less than 1/4, not more.

0 responses to “Chicken Little (the sky is falling?)

  1. I love that first pic. That looks like an effect from photoshop. I’m jealous, the water looks fabulous. Nice Elmo and Big Bird…that’s not an innuendo either. LOL!!

  2. I’d like to try snorkeling again someday… the last opporuntity I had was on my honeymoon (14 years ago) and I couldn’t get my husband to go into water more than chest-deep. Some nonsense about him not being able to swim. Or course where I live now, there’s not much chance I’ll be snorkeling anytime soon.

  3. Congrats on your brilliant test taking skills! I wish I had them!I wish I had been snorkeling yesterday! I was bundled up in a giant jacket and sweater… I really have got to move…

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