My computer has been in its bag all weekend. I’m at the OI Girls right now,
typing this on my phone.
My Mom and sister are at my apartment, I am staying at the OI girls.
I’m kinda getting tired of it sometimes but everything is OK really.
The OI Girl has ab ex-co-worker over, staying on the sofa, which means I
couldn’t study this morning. Bummer. I’m thinking I’ll never get that
course finished.
Yesterday we went diving and I was conducting some experiments with the
white balance on my camera and everything came out red. But it’s
interesting because red is the first color to disappear when you descend so
it’s pretty cool. The pics aren’t worth posting though, in fact they’re
still on my camera.
Well that’s about all for today. More later!

shooting stars

It’s Thursday night. I didn’t get to post this morning because of studying and cleaning.
I got my Mom and sister from the airport. They are both out in the kitchen talking to the OI Girl. She likes them so that’s a good thing.
This morning when I was walkig the dawg there were a lot of shooting stars. There is a metor shower this time of year. Go look, you can probably see about one shooting star a minute.
Soon OI and I will be going to the OI Girls to sleep.
Ciao for now!

Your Wednesday, my FRIDAY!

Tomorrow I start a vacation! So today is my last day and it is also my split shift day!
This morning I was walking the dog and it was nice and clear, I could see the summer constellations, so for all your winterites, summer is coming! (Dec 21 is the longest day in the northern hemisphere).
I plan on going to the beach at lunch and tomorrow I pick up my Mom and sister at the airport.

today. . .

Last night after I got home I was exhausted but douldn’t sleep. Then around 2:00 am I got the idea The OI Girl was keeping me awake on purpose and I got a little snippy. The dog was pacing, and the rain was falling and it was thundering.
THis morning I apologized for getting angry. But the OI Girl is still sore about it.
I got to work this morning I find that others had trouble sleeping too.
I didn’t get up at 3:30 to study, when the alarm went off, I set it for 5am and got up then.
This chapter I am on is very tough. I’ve been on it a week and I’m just over half way.
Not feeling too good today. . .

Most boring

My blog has been boring because my life has been boring. I am back at work after a long, boring weekend of clouds and rain. No beach, no diving. I feel like I’ve been saying that for months.
Thursday I start some vacation days. My Mom and Sister are coming for a few days, and I have vacation to use or loose. I know the weather will be better, because it can’t get any worse!
I did watch a good movie this weekend. Oscar, with Sylvester Stallone. It’s about a gangster who’s father makes him promise to go legit. It is not typical of Stallone and is very funny. It’s worth seeing.
Tonight I have a broadcast of the National Choir, and I hope it quits raining by then.
Have you a good week!

first thought

My first thought when I heard the alarm go off this morning was something like: “that’s too loud, you can wake somebody up with that thing. Then “Oh yeah”.
I got up, it’s Friday Yeay!
I am stuck on a chapter of my studies. I think it’s not english. I understand each word but not the sentences. I started over this morning, going through paragraph by paragraph, writing “OK” next to each after I understand it.
At this rate it will take 250 years to complete the course.

perfect timing

I’ve had this window opened on my computer for a couple of hours now and still haven’t typed anything.
I never made it to the beach yesterday, the OI girl had a stomach ache, and I went to the doctors with her. It was perfect timing, she called me at quarter till twelve, 15 minutes before I was leaving, I drove home, followed her to the doctors, which is about 5 minutes walk from where I work. Then I sat in the waiting room with her and waited while she saw the doctor. We got done just in time for me to go back to work.
I feel like having a hard time analyzing my view of reality right now.
And that’s all I have to say.

typical Wednesday (I hope)

Our trip to Little Cayman got “delayed”. There was a problem with the tickets.
Last night was the 41st Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. It was typical, choir, singing, speeches etc. I was there, broadcasting it live.
Today is my split shift day. It looks like nice weather, looking forward to the beach at lunch.

The OI girl, the actress

The OI girl doesn’t like her job. The company she works for is the same company she worked for on the Other Island, and they created a position for her when she moved because she was such a valuable employee. However, the people here at her new job don’t know that. They have her doing bullshit work and she is unchallenged and bored. At her old job, when the manager was gone, everyone came to her because she could deal with any situation and was naturally and automatically in charge. Even her old boss would (on rare occasions) come to her lost and ask “what should we do?” The OI Girl and her old boss are now the best of friends. Here, the OI Girl doesn’t have a lot of friends. Most of her friends are on the Other Island. When I am crabby or nasty it affects her more than I know. It’s a real challenge for me to not be mean and take out my other problems on her. She always tries to make me happy and she almost always does a good job.
The people she works with now don’t know what they have.
The other day, she said she was thinking about auditioning for a role in a play. She went last night and invited me to go with her. I declined. I want her to make some friends without me there and I also know some of the people involved so I figured she’d be OK. She came home very excited. she got a good part. She’s only in a few scenes but she has a lot of lines. The Play is called “The Judth Code” and her role is Rosie King, an evil journalist.

I’m thinking about showing her my blog, but I’m still leaning more towards not. I’ve never showed it to anyone.