Glad it’s not Monday!

Well, to me it’s Monday to you it’s Thursday. Payback time huh? I have to work Saturday too.

Today is the December Solstice, the longest night and the shortest day in the northern hemisphere. That means tomorrow will be longer than today and the days will start getting longer. It’s the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Here winter starts at about 7:23 PM tonight. That is the instant the sun would be directly overhead at the Tropic of Capricorn.

I made a sundial but I left it at home.

I got a plan from the architect. I don’t think I can afford to build what I have planned. I don’t know what I an gunna do. Maybe sell my house in the US.

I’m kind of rambling around. I plan on goofing off at work today, but since I wrote that I plan on goofing off, i have jinxed myself and everything will go wrong. But since I wrote that I jinxed myself, maybe it won’t. except since I wrote maybe it won’t, it probably will.
Oh Nevermind!

Red Pictures

Tainted sponge
It seemed OK without a flash (This is the OI Girl scootering)
Back on land with the U/W white balance adjustment.

Here’s some of the pictures that came out red from day-before yesterday. I’m back to work tomorrow. My Mom and sister left yesterday.


My computer has been in its bag all weekend. I’m at the OI Girls right now,
typing this on my phone.
My Mom and sister are at my apartment, I am staying at the OI girls.
I’m kinda getting tired of it sometimes but everything is OK really.
The OI Girl has ab ex-co-worker over, staying on the sofa, which means I
couldn’t study this morning. Bummer. I’m thinking I’ll never get that
course finished.
Yesterday we went diving and I was conducting some experiments with the
white balance on my camera and everything came out red. But it’s
interesting because red is the first color to disappear when you descend so
it’s pretty cool. The pics aren’t worth posting though, in fact they’re
still on my camera.
Well that’s about all for today. More later!

shooting stars

It’s Thursday night. I didn’t get to post this morning because of studying and cleaning.
I got my Mom and sister from the airport. They are both out in the kitchen talking to the OI Girl. She likes them so that’s a good thing.
This morning when I was walkig the dawg there were a lot of shooting stars. There is a metor shower this time of year. Go look, you can probably see about one shooting star a minute.
Soon OI and I will be going to the OI Girls to sleep.
Ciao for now!

Your Wednesday, my FRIDAY!

Tomorrow I start a vacation! So today is my last day and it is also my split shift day!
This morning I was walking the dog and it was nice and clear, I could see the summer constellations, so for all your winterites, summer is coming! (Dec 21 is the longest day in the northern hemisphere).
I plan on going to the beach at lunch and tomorrow I pick up my Mom and sister at the airport.

today. . .

Last night after I got home I was exhausted but douldn’t sleep. Then around 2:00 am I got the idea The OI Girl was keeping me awake on purpose and I got a little snippy. The dog was pacing, and the rain was falling and it was thundering.
THis morning I apologized for getting angry. But the OI Girl is still sore about it.
I got to work this morning I find that others had trouble sleeping too.
I didn’t get up at 3:30 to study, when the alarm went off, I set it for 5am and got up then.
This chapter I am on is very tough. I’ve been on it a week and I’m just over half way.
Not feeling too good today. . .